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Bobbie - The Messenger

I am motivated to guide others to become their authentic self, by igniting intuition and trusting the imagination we can all step into creating the life we want by integrating these wonderful attributes with our logical side. Channeler, Seer, Psychic, Empath, Author-Illustrator, Singer-Songwriter, Poet, Public Motivational Speaker.

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Every Wednesday 4pm EST or

Thursday 6am AEST (Aust, Qld)

No Longer Available

Quantum Elite Community

A new community, creating many events to share higher wisdom. Igniting gifts and clearing blockages.

Bobbie presents her Codes To A New Reality Class to bring through the new energies and help guide us all into creating our own Paradise on Earth.

Meetings are held every week, via zoom.

Check out Bobbies FB page for weekly updates and links to these events, this is a great way to meet with Bobbie.

All welcome


Meeting ID: 714 3102 8302
Passcode: zr35Cp

Talking Minds Podcast

Past Interviews

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Talking Minds Podcast

With Marcus and Tracey.

Sharing my wisdom of what is and whats to come via spiritual journeys and channeled messages. At 55.15 we were visited by a spirit ball.

Very exciting stuff!!

Podcast -

Here's the raw video Link

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Saturday 19th Dec 2020

9am Queensland, Australia Time 

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Check out this live event.

Bobbie Talks on 3rd Eye Salon


Grab a cuppa and a comfy seat, and join us as we take a fresh look between the veils of reality. This is a safe space to own your unique gifts, question the answers given, and take a deeper dive into all things "other worldly." You are not alone. You are with us, at 3rd Eye Salon!

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Bobbie Live On Las Vegas Radio

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Check out this live event.

Interview - Live on KCOR Digital Radio

Talkshow on Kcor Radio live from Las Vegas. Bobbie's journey between worlds and messages of this incredible amazing shift we are all going through.

Guiding as many as I can back home to humanity's potential.

11am Sat 26th Sept 2020 Pacific time zone or

4pm Sun 27th Sept 2020 Brisbane Australia time zone

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Youtube Interview with Bobbie Richardson


Podcast Interviewing Main Stream and Alternative Guests or Subjects From A Spiritual Perspective see

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