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Morning to all my new Ruby Subscribers.

Thank you for your subscriptions, this is something new I'm delivering and looking forward to sharing.

Although you can access all other posts, I will be gifting you exclusive information, as some of this info is something I'm not yet ready to release to the public and some are of channelings I felt to only share with you in this time, This doesn't mean it won't be published for public use at a later date but you will get to see it first.

Image from Pixabay George B2, manipulated By Bobbie.

Arcturian Message 22nd Nov 2021

As exclusive members, we welcome you onto our ship.

This is a quick outline of some things within our ship.

Our ship has a balance of technology and our own natural gifts intertwined, this is so not just anyone can enter and fly our ship as there has to be a level of awareness or control over one's thoughts has to be of high standards to be able to pilot our morphing craft. Also the frequency of our engines meets with ours.

The actual ship runs with a collection of high-frequency crystals which collectively work together with our frequency in shifting one's reality through space and different dimensional bands, resonating as a huge cymatic pattern much like your pineal gland.

Some of the rooms within our ship are very grounded and mainly stay the same but many other rooms can morph to accommodate the activity we Arcturians require from a meeting place to discuss our next adventures to activity rooms and so forth.'

We don't usually collect anything from another planet unless we feel it necessary, either for our growth or to deliver it to another. This collection is stored within a wall of spaces that can morph to fit the size of the actual object. Also, we will never take anything that the planet itself doesn't allow as our interference is at a minimum due to the nature of that responsibility and what it does to the whole.

There is much about our reality and trips which are mainly adventures to help assist others who are already willing to evolve themselves that won't totally make sense to humanity until you have learned to integrate your higher selves.

We will end it there as this was as we said a short tour, blessing to all, let your light shine so bright that you not only light your own path with confidence but also many others.

Arcturain collective.

Channeled By Bobbie Richardson 22 Nov 2021

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