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10 Different levels of being awake and aware.

Some of these awakenings go back and forth within the growth of the person trying to make sense of everything. So even though I’ve compartmentalized this, it doesn’t mean that your awakening has been exactly this, as we all have paths with different levels of awareness and might even have a higher understanding so miss some of these steps or know some steps from birth. Also many of us have specific missions and so our focus will be on that mission until we realize we have done what we've come here to do and its time to move onto returning home.

I’ve put this together for our logical brain to gain some perspective and to bring through an awareness that there is more to reality than one might have thought.

Mostly it will start with your intuition but then one will dig deeper convincing your logical side that you can see past an illusional reality, it is then that the step is fully accepted and the next step is looked at on an even deeper level.

1. Aware that something doesn’t feel right with the world, you start to question reality. Why are these rules so important to humanity, what is our history showing us?

2. Questioning the questions, as your curiosity takes you further down the rabbit hole. Is our history even true, and if not, why were we taught this in schools? Starting to see through the program. Is anything we believe to be true, benefiting us or is it limiting us?

3. Fighting the system. Trying to control or change that which is outside of you so you can feel your improving your life and others you care for. Seeking other like-minded souls who are aware as you are. Sharing wisdom and knowledge to gather more pieces of the puzzle. Using this wisdom to fuel the fight. Stepping into drama that can shift unwanted programs you now see through. Protesting.

4. Becoming more aware of your own reality and what this drama does to your mind, asking new questions of how to help yourself become more drama free. More curious about spirituality, quantum physics, ETs, UFO’s, paranormal, seeing signs that reality has a hidden quality, that it’s not just experienced through the five senses as we’ve been taught. Noticing conspiracies and looking into under covered Gov work. Trying to manifest a better life by seeking signs outside oneself, free car parks, finding coins etc.

5. Feeling the difference between a peaceful mind and a mind focused on drama, seeing many signs of what you focus on you bring into your reality. Meditation and meeting more spiritual people. Still curious of how deep the conspiracy go. Ancient alien wisdom, history beyond the history. Trying out psychic gifts as they ignite, prophecies, psychic abilities, tarot and or the occult but from a place of love for all. Testing your ability to heal yourself. Testing your abilities to manifest more but still looking outside yourself to see the results.

6. When you step into knowing you’re the creator you no longer desire to engage in the drama, you’d rather focus on what you want to create. You bring in those who resonate and let go of those who don’t, allowing members of your soul tribe even those in the ether to support you as this is a direct reflection of you now supporting yourself. The more you clear yourself and find inner peace the more your outside reality reflects this. Knowing your decision to be a victim or not aligns you with a drama free reality or not. All is an illusion, a matrix, a hologram.

Torus Energy

7. Taking responsibility for your whole creational reality and inner compass. Acceptance with no judgment of everything in your reality. Realizing that you are creating the illusion. No fear because you come from love for yourself, your adventure and all you create. Seeking adventure and allowing all to unfold as you move through your reality. Trusting the unknown because you trust you. Knowing love creates all your desire and fear creates what you don’t wont. Knowing your power and that others have the same power within them when they are ready to step into it. Realizing your not responsible for others journeys, only yours. You have an understanding that the collective is also reflecting your thoughts of them. Understanding that it is only you who decide how you live your life as you have stopped playing into giving others more control over you. Accepting death to the point where no one can control you with the fear of it.

8. Grounding your ability to create what you desire, using your imagination wisely to bring in new gifts like telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, solidifying light and sound frequencies to create homes, working with Gaia and all that reside on Gaia as part of your soul family. Meeting others from other dimensions and planets with no fear as you know that trusting and supporting yourself will only allow those of the same frequency into your reality. Your connection to Source Energy is paramount as you recognize all you meet is Source energy creating their own adventure as yours.

9. You are ONE having an experience with Gaia. All is an illusion and real at the same time. Acceptance of all as your creation. Total peace.

10. Your are ONE choosing your next adventure as the torus wheel starts again.

The more you become aware the more you find peace as you are becoming the observer and returning HOME to your natural state, that of LOVE.

By Bobbie Richardson and her Soul Tribe.

Photographs and Images By Bobbie Richardson

Invision Art ©

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