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How To Work With Your Mind To Create Your Reality.

Channelled Message 25th May 2020

Lessons from the school of Higher Frequency Beings.

The mind has the most resistance to manifesting so you’ll need to work with it as the path of least resistance, meaning what stories are the most likely to come true for you. Start there then open the door to your mind further and further by adding more unlikely events to happen. Lets start with abundance, you could say, “I can feel a pay rise coming my way”, then after you’ve aligned yourself with the reality of that. You can up-the-anti and say, “soon I will win a big prize”. Work with the mind and the mind will have least resistance rather then fighting to make your mind change.

Bobbie's Guides

Art work by Bobbie and Guides channeled personal message for a lady, painted early 2000s

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