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My journey of meeting with Earth before ONENESS

This journey happened the night of the 28th through to the 29th March 2020.

Back story I felt relevant - I had a very vivid dream of a UFO landing at the end of my street, excited I ran inside to find a camera as I couldn't believe they had finally arrived. The UFO was so huge it landed between two mountains as a disc shape. Four etheric vivid blue beings came out, one morphed into a rainbow ball of light then laid next to me as a human male to tell me something, he said, "When the Governments fall, Seers will be placed around the Earth to search for weak spot of the Earths energies." I felt they would work with the Healers of the Earth. He also said, we will meet 28 29. This could be a date or a frequency code. Interesting that its the same as the date I met with Oneness/God.

28th-29th March 2020

Putting my hands on the Earth I could feel into her, like she was panting or about to give birth, or letting go enough to create something new.

The next moment I saw pillars of light meeting at the center of Earth, each representing something living on Earth - a pillar for the trees, for the animals, and also counsel members from outside Earth, all gathering to share their experiences and decide what to allow through to the next creation.

I then realized I was also a pillar of light and I was bringing in the energy and experiences of humanity. I felt like I was part of Earth formed into myself as a human.

I stepped forward with our colourful story and spoke for humanity to come to the next creation. This was accepted.

But I knew in my heart much clearing was to be done and this is where my experience took a turn as I had up till then not realized I had denied supporting myself as a female.

I knew that it would take around nine months from a human perspective for this new birth to take place, so I thought around Dec 2020.

NB. The story continues as this video of my actual meeting of Oneness which happened straight after this connection with Earth. The first part is about my own clearing which I feel most of us have gone through in our own way over the last few months to find our authentic selves.

Bobbie Richardson

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