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My Life Is Proof That There Is Way More To Our Reality

I could see into other dimensions for most of my life, my mother had the same gift but she shut it down. My curiosty took me way further down the rabbit hole where I met with many different dimensional and off world beings. I learnt a lot about their perspective and how they also felt about humanity, each of them with a different story.

There were those that taught me how to still my mind and be able to shift my reality.

I know I'm greatly protected and don't stress about the world events for they too will pass, as that is how the story of humanity shows up in the greater story.

I have pressed foreheads with Pleaidians, excused myself around the Annunaki, exchanged info with the Lyrans, played with the Elementals.

Been taken to a potential future Earth where I own a home on top of a mountain. Stepped through portals into other frequencies. Meet Star Beings. Had many prophetic dreams. Lights exploding and fire alarms going off around my house when I was visited. Meet my higher self and my children before they were born. Seen people who has passed over. Talked telepathically with a Cherokee Elder from Ohio. Been forwarned that I may be in danger. Seen numerous UFO's. I have many stories and bit by bit as they are needed I will share.

So yes there is way way more to our reality and as you learn to still your logical mind and come back into balance enough to receive the wisdom of your intuition you to will ignite many gifts. Bobbie Richardson

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