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Once I was Blind, but now I See.

14th Nov

(when I went to title this, a bible reference came into my mind, could this be what this statement truly meant?)

For those who don’t understand how one’s reality could become more then this limited one. Imagine you cant hear, so sound means nothing to you, then one day you have an operation that fixed your hearing and all of a sudden you whole world changed because now you understand music and language from a whole new level.

Now imagine the majority of the world being told they shouldn’t listen to their imagination and that their intuition dosn't exist. Then one day someone who knew we all have this part of us that we aren't accessing, that we all have the same brain and that part of our brain could interprete gut feelings, learn to understand emotions and trust subtle bouts of wisdom and knowing that seemed to come from no-where.

That in itself would open your reality, to being able to communicate with way more then if you didn't trust that part of you. You could communicate with your pets, with those who have crossed over and with others living in the higher frequencies with unlimited wisdom at your finger tips. Your whole world would change and all because you finally accepted you owned abilities that could connect passed what your taught in schools, that this part of yourself lying dormant within you, was program out of you by others who wanted to control you but knew they couldn’t if you knew how to use your intuition in a healthy way. That the power or your imagination could imagine them out of your existence as you learned to focus on creating your reality from a trusting point of view, gifting you your guide to creation.

What a wonderful different reality that would be, just as if you were death or blind and one day could hear or see.

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