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Home is when you love yourself the same amount you would love your God.

We are all seeking something, seeking a final resting point where our hearts are content and our emotions don't over rule us. A place that our inner peace is reflected outwards.

One way to receive this is to release all expectations of how something shows up, while still knowing it will.

We are always the sum of how we feel about ourselves in every moment of our lives. It is our minds that over analyse, trying to predict without trust and our hearts that trust without analysing. So, to learn to trust we have to feel into our hearts, are we as light as the proverbial feather? Do we know 100% that we always speak from our hearts, do from our hearts and accept all as our willingness to love others as we love ourselves?

Our minds have been taught to not trust so we can over protect ourselves from those things that may or may not show up again, but our focusing on what we protect is what we manifest into our reality, as our mind loves confirmation of needing to be protecting our reality, we fall into a cycle of over protecting, to manifesting, to confirming, so we have reason to over protect.

You will never find your sense of home through this illogical logic. Only more of the same unwanted story repeating.

To truly find home one would have to be willing to let go of over protecting oneself through fear of the world and replace this with trust. Trust is to know you are worthy of only the best and therefore you don’t need to over protect, you only need to know in every moment if an energy is coming towards you that is needing you to stop creating and to only protect oneself through fear, that your energy has fallen into distrusting yourself again. That you are somehow not enough to live the life you want.

To shift this, you only need to feel into your hearts and know you are coming from the stability that your love for yourself, this rasies you out of that vibration and into creating a story of freedom to explore whatever you truly desire, and any protection would only serve this freedom to explore. This is how nature creates and why nature can produce such unique beauty, because it is free to explore, trusting every creation has the right to just exist with no judgments, that every protection is created through the love of thyself can stand on its own to feet as an authentic being.

Home is knowing within oneself that you always had the power to say no to a certain outcome, and to only focus on what you desire. Home is trusting yourself 100% because you are worthy of creating a life worth living, and because you always speak and do from your heart and your heart is love and love is your God.

Therefore home is when you love yourself the same amount you would love your God.

Channeled Message via Source Energy

Bobbie Richardson 6th June 2022

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