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Soul Families with a Mission

With those who came to Earth for a mission, there will be a time soon, if not already, when our awakening to our authentic selves naturally gravitates other members in our soul group to help ignite each other and bring in a new collective energy.

This harmony of souls will resonate with each other. All groups will bring in new frequencies to work with as we wake up humanity to its potential. Some groups will even have an authentic vibrational sound when chanting that when sung together will open portholes to the frequencies or planets of which they arrived from. Or maybe it will just be in the vibration held when we recognize each other again, just being with each other will be enough as all soul groups have a unique reason for being here. Nothing is by accident and all was meant to happen to help create something new. Thus giving them even more access to bringing in new information to play with.

Remember all information might not resonate or work with Gaia and humanity as it could be that it is information only for the group. This is because becoming human in these times has meant you lost nearly all connection to your true identity or frequency. But upon awakening together you naturally send new vibrations that inspire humanity to look past the logical life they have been lead to believe is all that exists reminding them of their magnificants.

With the right intentions to serve Earth and all who reside upon her, that new information or wisdom could open portholes upon Gaia herself as collectively we all wake up.

Liken these new energies to a comet coming to Earth, the comet has its own energy and material collected through it's journey and when colliding with Earth creates a whole new frequency and energy, nothing like Earth and nothing like the comet, this is the birth of something new.

Bobbie Richardson Dec 2020

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