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Special Broadcast - Ruby Member Update

Good morning from Bobbie The Messenger - Code To A New Reality

Because channelings come and go depending on whats energetically happening with me and my team, plus I have been focusing more on my YouTube videos in the last couple of weeks, (New video being posted tonight). I haven't been doing as many website channeled messages as usual. So I've decided to gift those few who are paying Ruby members a free zoom call where any Ruby members can attend and we can all have a chat together for 30mins next Tuesday after my live 9am - 9.30am AEST.

It can be a time where you can pick my brains lol and see what comes through from my team for free. The $3 per month for 6 months subscription is all inclusive with the normal ruby member channeled messages as well as this free chat for those who decide to take this opportunity and attend.

The time and link for this will be posted through a Ruby posting which only members can receive. For all other website members as the channelings come through I will be posting them as usual.

Love Bobbie

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