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As a Mum of 3 children with the two youngest ones still in their teens and the eldest in her 30s I have a lot of hands on experience with teens. I realize this is a bit of a different post to my usual but I was asked to help a few with teens on my path and so thought to share some advice as an intuitive counsellor.

Teens can be frustrating from a parents perspective but if you have an understanding that they are only seeking to find their own independent and authentic self, pulling away from identifying with their parent's signature energetic field. Then you can support their opposite adventures that may take them away from all of what you identify as the right way of doing things and yet still be their to guide them with boundaries or self-respect and safety for them and others.

Its natural for a teen to push the boundaries of their own limitations, but you keeping a strong hold on what is acceptable for you while ignoring the little irks they use to try to see how far they can push you, gifts them a sense of your emotional maturity as their parent.

The best thing a parent can do is to embrace their own individual happiness without leaning on them for acceptance, this teaches them that they are free to explore their own individual needs as well and it gives the teen a chance to break free from the energetic nest while knowing they are ok to try different things within reason.

Rule of thumb for a parent, if it's not intentionally or mistakenly hurting them or another then let them try. Support can simply mean, you allow without getting in the way, a strong parent doesn't identify with what their child does as their energy field and so you can allow growth and individuality.

Also acknowledging when you got it wrong, teaches them that you are mature enough to accept your flaws and that they can to.

Bobbie Richardson

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