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New information on telepathy

There is still an integration of this ability and a learning to value and support oneself first but eventually this ability will be intuned with our reality again as it is a universal language of all in higher love frequencies.

Our connection to loving ourselves as a whole being has a massive impact on our ability to become telepathic with others. This is because as we learn to accept and love all parts of ourselves so too do, we in reflection start to love all in our reality including those we let into our existence and magnetise towards us.

As we take back the reigns of responsibility to creating the reality, we desire then we will only allow our story to encapsulate love. This love and trust of ourselves and in reflection others means that we can now have trust in another’s energy and alignment, and you can feel within yourself when this does or doesn’t align.

So, with your ability to open up to others through feelings and emotions and no longer try to hide what you are feeling means that you can feel more into others, and therefore read their signature energies in that moment, their desires, their intentions and what they want to create or not create with you. This becomes a natural flow of your intentions to create the life you want in allowing those that have the same creative desired and outcome to be in your reality.

Art By Bobbie Richardson

In these higher frequencies we are no longer in fear of ourselves and our emotions, instead we are now in acceptance and love of all feelings that move our story into that which we now know we deserve.

Telepathy is a natural integration of this self-love and acceptance as one’s love for others outside oneself becomes a bond or connection to their emotional body as well. And through love and acceptance you can integrate and then translate those feelings of the others through your own pure intentions of acceptance into logical words if you desire or with their ability to align with their own self-acceptance, they will feel into the truth of your intentions receiving a telepathic thought from you and returning it with their answer.

Therefore, telepathy can only become a part of our reality through self-love.

Their is a vulnerability with this that has to be overcome but also the ability to control oneself in allowing others to receive that which you want to be shared or not.

Remember this is your reality and you have the reigns so you can connect or not, but those you don’t want to connect with because their energy isn’t in alignment with yours will naturally fall away.

Bobbie Richardson

Invision Art©

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