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31st March

We are all navigating our way through life towards something, like a thread one can’t quite grasp unless we get a glimpse of that place through dreams or psychedelic experiences.

Otherwise, you will be navigating through another’s path, never feeling like you have any idea of where you’re going and so you keep looking to others to show you the way. This can then take you into much disharmony as your path could be far away from there’s but their so-called power and happiness draws you in as you feel they know better than you because you feel in lack. But who could ever know you better than you?

Your journey out of the program is just that, it is the awakening, to realize that all along you were following another person’s path because you were taught that you could never find your own.

Nothing of the above sentence makes any sense though because you are not them and could never be them, you are you for good reason. Not only in this life but in the many lives your soul has lived and will live. Your energetic signature is valuable and unique to only you. That is how special you are, so to give all that away and dismiss all that you are as worthless, following another means you haven’t yet come to your true magnificence which through the love of yourself always existed.

It is therefore the path of self-love that you will find true value to your life and the strength to walk the path only unique to you as humanity awakens to taking the reins of their own life never to follow another again.


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Teri Nyssen
Teri Nyssen
05 apr 2023

I SO appreciate you.

Love, Teri Nyssen

Mi piace
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