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25th Jan 2022

Through Bobbie Richardson - Tapping into Pleiades Guides

Frequency shifters

Greetings we are the light absorbers of the dark matter, we take care of the in-between worlds that from your point of view don’t exist. As all dark matter is the depths of other worlds and realities that you cannot tap into due to your mind not allowing such an experience. We fill in your reality with what your scientist calls dark matter so that you can experience space between worlds. But this space is actually just as alive, in a sense as your material expression of life.

We exist as the shifters, we shift and absorb your light frequencies and flip it into dark matter where other worlds are created outside your ability to experience, this could also be experienced as a death of a star or a light dimmed, as your universe is very sparse due to your limited vibration. But this will soon expand when you clear your energy field and one day you will see the true nature of the universe as brimming with many more flashes, colours, planets, stars and other life forms, just like when you take certain drugs which give you clarity for a small amount of time, this is because it opens up your neuron paths to see much more than before.

Also the more beautiful you accept this life and your place within it the more beauty will show itself.

Introducing The River of life

The river of life is a golden flow of energy that passes through the cosmos, it is teaming with life and when you visit it within your dreams it can be a feeling likened to ecstasy. This river has many creatures and fish within it that conjure up within your logical mind as stories or timelines of different adventures one can experience.

When you are here you are within the expansiveness of all, but when you are within the limitations of the mind these stories play out as something you feel would only work within the social parameters of humanities consciousness. You reside in both places simultaneous and therefore have the ability to work with the golden energy river to shift your story on Earth into whatever you choose, because you are coming from within the vibration of clear ecstasy.

Bobbie Richardson


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