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What is Humanities Potential?

This morning I posted a quote by a guru, (name wasn't clear) he said,

"You cannot suffer the past or the future because they do not exist, what you are suffering is your memory and your imagination."

When we are truly awake, we will be living in the present. This is where we find the gifts because a still mind knows it's connection to all and a connection to all is wisdom to all, including the abilities one holds as a human.

These abilities rise because our two hemispheres of the brain, or duality within stop fighting and start listening, when they are both silent they can feel the connection to the pineal gland.

I was taught by benevolent beings that this tiny gland held the connection to all.

Scientifically, although I'm no scientist, the pineal gland is like an eye, it has a retina and is full of fluid which carries tiny micro crystals that float freely around the pineal gland when it's healthy.

I was told when a vibration is sent through these crystals due to the frequency you as a human resonate with, it acts like a cymatic resonance. It then creates mandala like patterns.

These patterns are the codes or keys for humanity to connect to other frequencies, they differ from one frequency to another but when held for long enough on the same frequency can connect to other beings of this same frequency. Thus we can converse and even astral travel to these beings to gain wisdom of this frequency.

Some of the crop circles hold codes to beings that want to communicate with those of us whose pineal gland isn't crystallized over by fluoride and other chemicals. Although once our leaders figured out that this is how they were communicating they worked on creating deceiving crop circles to create confusion, the covid crop circle being there latest.

There are also places on Earth that can help clear the mind and allow certain frequency's to open up and connect to the pineal gland of a human. These were considered sacrad sites. Like the ACTUN TUNICHIL MUKNAL CAVE or ELEPHANTA CAVE, the LONGMEN CAVE and the GROTTE DE FONT DE GAUME CAVES plus so many more.

Stillness within the mind is the door to these amazing potentials and opportunities, the cymatic patterns or frequencies are the keys. Humans have way more potential and we are unique with these gifts that connects with Source/Creator or what ever you like to call God. This is easier in this moment of time because we are very close to the point of Source/Love/God, and this is why alot on Earth is breaking down because everything that dosen't resonate with Love and the natural way of things will disappear. What will be left is a reality open to opportunity from a still mind. But all of this can only be accomplished from within as the outer journey is only a reflection of the inner.

Lessons I was taught by Benvolent Beings from 2010 when I asked about the potential of humanity after an Elder from Ohio USA called Grandmother Pa'Ris'Ha took my hand and talked to me telepathically for over an hour. My youngest child at the age of 4 also channeled through a key phrase which lead me to more information.

Bobbie Richardson

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