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For Mobiles click on the 3 bars above to access vlogs, channeled messages, art, intuitive counseling sessions, and music. The Channeled Messages page is now only accessed with a $3 monthly paid Subsrciption to help pay for this site. Thanks for your understanding.

Bobbie Richardson

40 years of communication and visitation by other worldly and interdimensional Beings.

 Ready to share her messages, both remembered and channeled with those who are ready to hear.

Video's created using various free videos and photos by Bobbie Richardson - thankyou to all the amazing artist.

New Youtube Spiritual Talkshow

A Brand New Youtube Channel
'Talk 5D and Beyond'
A Panel of Experts and guest speakers, sharing their wisdom of what they feel is beyond the 3D logical world. Expanding our consciousness and awareness into creating the world we would each love to experience.

DNA Activator 2 min message channeled from Source Energy

Meditation part of the Codes To A New Reality Series

Channeled Message

Humanity is awakening to its authentic self. This is the biggest combined reflection happening Now on Earth, as we move energetically closer and closer to knowing ourselves as ONENESS. But because many souls were trapped in an inner energetic lockdown, not realizing the veil pulled over their eyes of this controlled and fear-based society. There had to be a story to help shift many people at the same time...

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This website has been created financially by Bobbie so all donations will help her create more Channeled Messages,

Youtubes, Art, Music, Games and a Movie giving rise to new ideas for all of humanity to create into our reality.

A lifetime of work so Thank you.

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