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Art By Bobbie Richardson

Psychic and Channeled Reader

Guidance to the New Frequencies

Via Zoom, audio or video.

"Just as higher beings helped me awaken over many decades gifting me many experiences, this has allowed me to be your guide into clearing and connecting with your guides much easier. It is my intention to help you find your potential"




Intuitive Soul Readings
All bookings made in Australian dollars
*Your booking will be in your timezone, and an email will arrive under my company name


Disclaimer: ACCORDANCE TO WHAT THE LAWS STATE AT THE MOMENT - The information provided FOR ALL READINGS is taken from your current energy, energies can shift at any time. All information given acts as guidance only and is subject to your own personal interpretation. Any decisions and/or choices you make based on this guidance remain your sole personal and legal responsibility. If you require specific legal, financial, medical or other advice, you should seek a suitable licensed professional. By scheduling and/or paying for any service offered by Bobbie Richardson you agree that you have read this disclaimer and are over 18 years of age.



With hundreds of Personal Readings since 2021

here's what many have to say about Bobbie...



I have had a few sessions with Bobbie. Bobbie is a gifted reader and I feel I have grown with her messaging, gentleness and radiant energy. I love her grounding message that life is "love going on a journey". Thank you Bobbie for sharing these messages and your talents. I always look fwd to your podcast but dont always make it due to work schedule. Have a wonderful day! Linda Roby

I did one hour reading with Bobbie. She unraveled the mystery of recurring dreams that had troubled me for more than ten years. She also helped me figure out where I am from, where I was before (past lives), and why I am here in this incarnation. With all these, I am able to understand why those things happened in my life, why those people appeared in my life. After I understand these, I can handle them a lot better in my everyday life. Really appreciate Bobbie and her team. She is super nice, gifted and intuitive. Thank you for helping me and so many other people! Keep shining your light! -- Regards, Yi Wang

I had a Starseed Mission session with Bobbie today, it was very informative, lots of helpful information! It was also great confirmation that I was on the right track, which I really appreciated!

Thankyou Bobbie it was fantastic. Jane Lindsey Smith

Hi Bobbie! I was honored to get picked for a reading yesterday, but had to step away right when you started it. I finally listened to it and Oh My are so right. I have been "dreaming" my biggest dreams rather than "feeling" it! I thought dreaming was the way to manifest it. Thank you SO much for getting me on the right path!!! Mona

Wow Bobbie! You blew me away with the message you gave me! It was soooo accurate! Your ability to channel so accurate is a true gift Bobbie! A beautiful gift to humanity and to this beautiful planet right now! Iam so grateful to be part of the ascension process such a powerful time to express our truth...thankyou for the empowering message you brought through for me! It was exactly what i needed to hear...lots of love to you 🩵 Debbie

It is always so special to connect with Bobbie and with the current shifts and changes happening I booked a 1 hour reading. Bobbie was easily able to "connect" and tell me exactly what I needed to hear.. both challenges to consider and deeper insights for me to truly step into who I truly am and my purpose. Exactly the guidance I needed! If you feel lost and in need of some clarity... I couldn't recommend Bobbie any higher! She's the best!  Danielle


My reading with you today was beyond what I had hoped for.  It was like you touched my soul, and we both know we got confirmation that was perfect!  I felt loved and seen and also profoundly guided to move forward with knowing and confidence.  I would highly recommend your readings to others!  

With gratitude,



Yins Group of 8 people reading - 3 hour Reading

Hi Bobbie, The group was amazed by your gifts, and we could not stop talking about the messages each of us received. Such a confirmation that we are on the right path. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Love

Bobbie Your ability to tune in to others is beautiful... The manner you deliver info, codes to help me see more is amazing... Everyone  her reading wasn't like any I have had before, it felt like an old friend coming for a visit... I'm not clear on the words of description in the English language... LOVE

I just want to take a moment to express to you my deepest gratitude for all that you are and all that you do Bobbie. You are one of a handful of beautiful souls that has truly been a huge part of my healing and also my sons healing. After so much pain and loss, becoming homeless, jobless and all but hopeless we are currently in South Australia on the way to live our lives to the absolute fullest with passion and curiosity and a very powerful sense of adventure and excitement that has only and will always continue to allow and assist us in our ascension into the new reality. You are a part of our soul tribe sister and we love you to bits once I am settled in my new home I will come for a trip to QLD and come and see you!!!

Hi Bobbie,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your honesty & vulnerability.  It was helpful for me to hear how you shift blockages. I feel so close to shifting completely out of lack.

I have been practicing acupuncture for 22+ years. The past three years my patients have really seen my “underbelly”…. Meaning I have learned to be my authentic self with everything that involves. It is not so easy when people expect you to have answers. I don’t get nearly the information you do but I get a lot these days. That part is super fun!

Not so fun when I am in my own process of shifting a story I no longer wish tell.

My latest request is to be able to “show what I know”! Sooo…your timing was perfect for me. We are all in this together. I love hearing your messages. I am blown away by your video messages. They are truly beautiful!

Thank you so much for sharing your gifts.

The clinic where I am currently employed has a mailing list of 7000 patients. Obviously, I treat a small percentage of them. However, if even a fraction of what I learn from you gets passed on to one person who passes it on, then we have a whole network. I will continue to let you know that you are having a larger impact than you currently see.

Much Love,


Triangle Acupuncture Clinic

Hi Bobbie! Thank you again for today's reading. I really enjoyed it. Here's my review:

“I really enjoyed my session with Bobbie. When I first heard about her, I knew I wanted to learn more and book a session with her. In our call, she confirmed some things I’ve recently realized about my soul journey, which was nice to hear and affirm. She also brought me back to the core part of what I am to learn and integrate within myself, at this time - and I think that was the most helpful part. She was chock full of flowing wisdom and channeled messages, and I look forward to revisiting my notes as I allow it all to sink in even deeper. When it ended, I was left with an overall sense of ease and peace. I’m grateful for my reading with Bobbie and recommend her for anyone sensing a resonance with what she has to share.

Thank you, again, Bobbie.”


"Bobbie is a "real deal" intuitive who was able to identify key challenges in my life and provided great advice on how to navigate them. She was also able to surface personal strengths that I wasn't consciously aware of. Bobbie is genuine, compassionate, positive, and has a great perspective on how to navigate this often difficult world." Justin Skoff

Thanks to Bobbie’s teaching the past year I am starting to grasp what living a good life is about. It is actually easy to manifest once you are in love and trust frequency. When we love ourselves the universe finds its way to give us what our hearts desire. Once we all understand this we are no longer under the control of other people who are trapping us for their own agenda. This is how we fight the darkness. Thank you Bobbie you are the best! Skyimagination

Good morning Bobbie, I just want to thank you for the special work you do. I am absorbing and reflecting on the guidance to consciously put into practice. Thank you, best wishes ❤️ Sandy

"5 Stars to the 12th power cubed from me. I highly recommend Bobbie. She's helped me on my journey and offers a great variety of reading. She's on YouTube and has a great website. Bobbie, the Messager with powerful changeling and has been connected her whole life. I love Bobbie like a sister. Huge squeezes, beautiful. cheers to creating our own realities." Love Sasha

“I had recently my reading with Bobbie and I can guarantee that it was the 1st one but not the last! This was a very unusual and pleasant experience. 1st because I could feel her loving and warm energy and 2nd because I got overwhelmed in a positive way with the information revealed about my path, my inner power and my Soul passion. I also could understand what is my best potential for 2023!

For anyone who needs or wants to know the same, Bobbie is definitely the best!” Blessings! Cristina-Portugal

"Heartful thanks Bobbie for my wonderful session with you. I could feel how the vibration of your messages brought back my joy,  clarity, and self-confidence."


"HI Bobbie, Thank you so much you are truly special and have special gifts that you share for the bigger purpose. Thank you so much everything right from go to was so on point, accurate and mind-blowing the confirmation. After sitting back I have been able to gain a deeper awareness much of what you were sharing. I would encourage anyone who is considering booking a reading with you to go for it, don't hold fears of not being able to financially afford guidance you cannot afford to not have one. I feel so clear and have a deeper awareness of the self. Forever Grateful, Thank you so much Bobbie"

Kel Kahukiwa

"She really helped me navigate what I've been going through and I'm eternally grateful. Her ability is so impressive. A gift to light workers everywhere! Thanks again!!"

Jaime Hincapie

Here is my review and it came from the heart.

"My intuitive reading with Bobbie was just what I needed in the ascension process. She connected all the dots for me, and everything resonates. Most importantly, I gained much understanding on who I REALLY am and how much power I possess. She really emphasized on me getting my power back and this change of perception was almost a breakthrough in my spiritual journey. Immediately it showed in my mediation last night. My body was buzzing(vibrating) and I was feeling tingling from either side of my head, and my muscles were twitching here and there, then a rush of energy just melted me and I felt I was in nothingness. I have so much gratitude and respect for Bobbie for she is such an authentic person, and I am already telling my friends about her." XO
Yin Liu



"Bobbie brings a message of empowerment, with no judgment, only key insights that have helped me see my reality with greater clarity. It's been a life-altering reminder of what's truly important."  Ben

"Bobbie was lovely to work with and I found her warmth and truth to be the exact guiding light I needed in a time of need. The channeling messages that came through were extremely accurate and connected with my soul on a level that has helped me face some significant blocks in my life. Thank you Bobbie for your time and I look forward to meeting with you again." Krystal


"I very much enjoyed my recent session with Bobbie. She is warm, loving and her messages that she channels come through with so much clarity.  She puts things in a way that are understandable and not hard to grasp. She made me feel very comfortable and I would 100% recommend her to any of you out there who are wondering if she is the real deal... she is! "

Love you lots,

Rebecca Allen



"I found myself in a space where I felt I was spiritually drifting without any real connection. I must have asked because YouTube delivered a sharing by Bobbie Richardson from They Call Us Channelers. As soon as I heard Bobbie's voice I knew I had to connect with her. So I listen to her previous interview with Kevin Moore and researched her through her website. I booked a consult more like making a date for a coffee with a friend I hadn't seen in a while. Bobbie was just that, a long-time friend whose laugh put me at ease. As we shared, it felt like we were reconnecting and in Bobbie's case she was re-empowering me. Empowerment comes in many forms. Bobbie offered me empowerment through divine inspiration and vision. She carefully listened to any of my questions and concerns and then "channelled" the empowerment. By the time the consultation completed I felt complete, inspired with a course of action and reconnection with an old friend. If you're ready to be empowered with a new clarity and vision for your life, then a session with Bobbie will definitely get you on your way. Thank you Bobbie and such a pleasure to meet up again, it was like coming home." Tom Jacobs New Zealand

"Thank you Bobbie for your beautiful gift. I’m incredibly grateful for the guidance you gave me.The minute I saw you speaking , delivering the messages from the universe, I knew you were the one that I needed to get in touch with. I listened to my heart and received more than I could possibly imagine. Everything you said to me was so true, it’s like you reminded me what I have forgotten eons ago. You inspired me in every way, encouraged to move forward and believe in myself. The session was profoundly healing and liberating at the same time. I can’t thank you enough Bobbie. I honor you dear for your beautiful heart. So much love." Olga

"Thank you Bobbie~ I have tuned into Bobbie on Facebook and resonated with her tarot card readings and on-line channelings so that I booked a private consult/reading. She gave me a session grounded in reality integrating her life experiences as well as guidance from our team. Bobbie is a compassionate, loving, gifted human with a great ability to remind me of my intuitive wisdom. Sandy, USA.

"Hi my name is Shelley and I saw Bobbie on the Tartaria Australia / Autodidact YouTube Chanel. I instantly knew I needed to talk with her for guidance. Bobbie came across as having amazing knowledge, experiences with beings and insight into our 5d journey, but she was humble as well, which really appealed to me. Our session was like catching up with an old friend. She was kind and open, as I had felt she would be. Bobbie's channeling is from the heart and very insightful, which added to her own healing and growth experiences was very helpful and relatable to my own journey which I found comforting. I know I will be having another session with Bobbie. Thank you"


"Bobbie’s not only an incredibly gifted artist but amazing channeler. She gave me a session full of downloads to help me move into embracing what’s next for me. I so appreciate the detailed interpretation of the cards pulled. She gave me concrete tools I could use to get out of my own way and embrace what the Guides wanted me to know. I am grateful I decided to book a session!"


"Having a personal conversation with Bobbie has enriched my focus. Brought more clarity as to My purpose. The things you know that must be done, yet not sure of the starting point, which leaves you mostly questioning, waiting, falling into more questions. So wonderful to have someone to say “it is right there” and seeing it together.

Thank you Bobbie for grabbing my outreached hand and of course at the right time. "🙏


"Wow you are absolutely amazing thankyou Bobbie my reading was more than expected an soooo on point it has given me direction for the future that I am on the right path on my journey through life."

Debbie S  New Zealand

“Bobbie has been very helpful with clarifying how to navigate work & personal life. I’ve applied her suggestions & noticed an instant shift! I approach everything in my life differently now. Little or no stress, feeling present & happy with who I am.” Jody

"My intuitive counseling session with Bobbie was great. A lively mix of guidance and advice from her guides and her own wonderful insights. A truly uplifting experience which helped me find clarity about many things, and we laughed a lot too." Mark B

"I was so drawn to Bobbie when I saw her on the Kevin Moore show. She has a beautiful powerful energy. She confirmed what I was feeling. I feel I can move forward towards my dreams. I feel like I'm on cloud nine. I recommend Bobbie for a life-changing experience."


"I just completed my first reading with Bobbie! She was spot on with respect to where I am in my life process and what I am working on for my future endeavors. If you are looking to get some clarity and perspective about yourself, don’t hesitate to schedule a session."

Cher Anderson CEO

Total Look Salon & Spa

Southport CT

"I reached out to Bobbie's website to book a reading. It went great! Everything resonated quite lovely, exactly what I wanted to hear. She has a great personality and loved the channeled messages and YouTube as well. I would everyone to see her interview on the Kevin Moore Show to see how brilliant she is. I would recommend anyone with curiosity and good intentions to find out what beautiful message they may receive. I will use her resource again in the future. Can't wait! Thank you so much Bobbie! Namaste" 

-Aaron Salas

Albuquerque, NM United States 

"Bobbie is an amazing Intuitive Counsellor, she knew exactly what I needed, she completely connected to the universe and brings amazing knowledge and divine knowing along with her. She is exactly what many need to guide them forward in these amazing times." Shanti Burn

"My session with Bobbie was incredibly supportive. It has given me the renewed strength to stand in my power in a challenging relationship, plus offered me guidance for the future which has been invaluable. I would definitely recommend an intuitive session with Bobbie…she is highly gifted, connected, and lovely to chat with!"

Wendy Graham

"Thank you so much for your wonderful consultation. I didn't really know what to expect and was a little nervous, but by the end, it felt like I could have been talking to a good friend of many years passed. I was excited to see that she had a really good understanding of what my main challenge is before our call even began. She was able to give me really great and encouraging guidance in all the areas I had hoped for. I will be sure to let you know how things progress both with my inwards journey as well as my life plans. Looking forward to another session soon!"

Peter  Japan

"Wow, Bobbie, just had my first reading with you and am super thrilled with all the information that came through! I have been feeling confused as to how to be of service at this time in the world and to hear right now I am in a chrysalis to shed the old and birth the new, has taken the pressure off 'having to' push myself to do, do, do, as has been my usual pattern. I will definitely be booking in for more sessions! Thank you so much!!! with love."


"Bobbie answered my life questions without me having to ask them. Right off the bat she sensed straight away what was on my mind and what needed answering. If you're looking for some confirmation in your life go to it.  Thanks to you and your guides again." Kind Regards Shane Curl. (Zal Moxis)


"I found Bobbie Richardson on Quantum Elite, teaching in a delightful way of the astounding messages she has received over the many years, so booked an hour-long session with her. The spiritual guidance was so affirming. Bobbie's intuitive ability and the respectful way she communicated to me via her guides were so clear. I have already recommended others to reach out to her guidance as many of us are seeking deeper spiritual meaning and guidance, especially in these uncertain times."

In Gratitude Julie Lehman from Clear Vision Therapies

MH Clinician, Psychotherapist, Neuro Nutrient Therapist, Nutritionist.


Mental Health Solutions

"I found Bobbies reading to be quite inspiring & uplifting & learned quite a few things that I need to focus on to be able to aspire to not just for now but for where I'm going to be heading so thank you Bobbie, I look forward to these step by step wonderful challenges & to be ever so grateful for being here at this time."

Maria Bishop  Australia

"Wow, Bobbie !!! I feel like I just became unstuck out of a muddy rut I have been spinning in for months on end. Our session today is going to be a huge game-changer for me. I can’t thank you enough for the guidance in helping me fully embrace the amazing energies of our Mother Earth and beyond. She is truly beyond my wildest dreams. Namaste."

Holly Caddy  U.S.A

"I recently had an intuitive counseling with the lovely Bobbie Richardson. Bobbie was so relaxed and easy to talk to .... more like having a chat with a friend. I had no idea what to expect so was happy that Bobbie tuned into how I had been feeling recently. She was spot on with her intuitive reading and I found the whole session reassuring, informative, and helpful. Since my chat with Bobbie there have been a couple of synchronicities that have reinforced what came up during the session. Do yourself a favor and make a booking."

Jennifer Jane Barter


"My intuitive counseling reading with Bobbie proved to be very enlightening and informative. Bobbie has a wonderful gift for seeing the truth and reasons things are the way they are in my life and why they are happening. Her accuracy was spot on with everything and she gave me ways of being able to change what I wish to change and tune in to my inner creativity and magnificence."

Annette Bearpark  Australia

"I had a reading with Bobbie today and I thought she showed remarkable insight. Her manner was very pleasant and I found her to be very intelligent and intuitive. I highly recommend Bobbie to anyone who needs insight into their personal reality."


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