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Pyschic and Channeled

Guidance to the New Frequencies

Via Zoom, audio or video.

Art By Bobbie Richardson

"Just as higher beings helped me awaken over many decades. Due to the new energies coming through and my many experiences, this has allowed me to be your guide into clearing and connecting with your guides much easier."

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Need help clearing unwanted thoughts and energies. My Starseed Readings can help you overcome challenges brought on by an unbalanced mind searching for its light through the ego instead of the soul. Once a new perspective is realized you become more in line with your authentic self and soul, which can alter the path you are now on and direct you towards many gifts you weren't even aware of.


My goal is to connect you to your authentic self by bringing you in alignment with your guides, spirit, extraterrestrial, inter-dimensional beings or higher frequencies, igniting your intuition and imagination in a healthy balanced way with your masculine logical side to guide you towards your passions and desires.

Moving you towards your soul's mission and finding out more of your authentic self, including your connection to where your soul came from and why you are here. Greatly improving your life force and happiness on Earth thus improving Earth's vibration as well.

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Art By Bobbie Richardson

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Art By Bobbie Richardson











I found Bobbie Richardson on Quantum Elite, teaching in a delightful way of the astounding messages she has received over the many years, so booked an hour-long session with her. The spiritual guidance was so affirming. Bobbie's intuitive ability and the respectful way she communicated to me via her guides were so clear. I have already recommended others to reach out to her guidance as many of us are seeking deeper spiritual meaning and guidance, especially in these uncertain times.

In Gratitude Julie Lehman from Clear Vision Therapies

MH Clinician, Psychotherapist, Neuro Nutrient Therapist, Nutritionist.


Mental Health Solutions

I found Bobbies reading to be quite inspiring & uplifting & learned quite a few things that I need to focus on to be able to aspire to not just for now but for where I'm going to be heading so thank you Bobbie, I look forward to these step by step wonderful challenges & to be ever so grateful for being here at this time.

Maria Bishop

Wow, Bobbie !!! I feel like I just became unstuck out of a muddy rut I have been spinning in for months on end. Our session today is going to be a huge game-changer for me. I can’t thank you enough for the guidance in helping me fully embrace the amazing energies of our Mother Earth and beyond. She is truly beyond my wildest dreams. Namaste.

Holly Caddy

I recently had an intuitive counseling with the lovely Bobbie Richardson. Bobbie was so relaxed and easy to talk to .... more like having a chat with a friend. I had no idea what to expect so was happy that Bobbie tuned into how I had been feeling recently. She was spot on with her intuitive reading and I found the whole session reassuring, informative, and helpful. Since my chat with Bobbie there have been a couple of synchronicities that have reinforced what came up during the session. Do yourself a favor and make a booking.

Jennifer Jane Barter


My intuitive counseling reading with Bobbie proved to be very enlightening and informative. Bobbie has a wonderful gift for seeing the truth and reasons things are the way they are in my life and why they are happening. Her accuracy was spot on with everything and she gave me ways of being able to change what I wish to change and tune in to my inner creativity and magnificence. 

Annette Bearpark

I had a reading with Bobbie today and I thought she showed remarkable insight. Her manner was very pleasant and I found her to be very intelligent and intuitive. I highly recommend Bobbie to anyone who needs insight into their personal reality.



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Appointments using Zoom video

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