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Only you can create the world you want, it isn't just your birthright but also your responsibility.

Bobbie Richardson

Motivational Speaker, Seer, Channeler, Empath, Visionary Author/Illustrator, Artist, Singer-Songwriter, Video Producer, Youtuber, and Proud Mum.​


A Mum who found wisdom through spiritual guidance.

"I have very little education, all of my wisdom was given to me by spirit through dreams, visions (seeing with my eyes into other frequencies) and real visitations."

"I have seen many different 'beings' giving me information since I was a child till I was 50 years old. Many were guides showing me the path to higher frequencies that lay dormant within, some were people who had passed over, others were those showing me the power I denied myself. I was taken to different dimensions on Earth, places that humanity can tap into once they find balance within and take their own authentic power back. They showed me humanity's potential by introducing me to others who could confirm these potentials and by teaching me to clear my mind at least for a moment to manifest what I asked for.

There is a lot to my life, many stories of things most wouldn't even want to accept, but each time I asked for more confirmation I received it, this eventually was something I could no longer deny as even dreams started to come true.

They said they were preparing me for these times to help others cross over the threshold to break through the veil, to shed the programmed limitations which kept humanity in bondage. This is why I had to go through so much to find my way out, so that I could share this wisdom with others."

My passion is to align humanity with their potential by re-awakening the right brain. To ignite our natural abilities that of the intuition and imagination, giving us new abilities which I call the 3T's other than the 3 R's that of Telepathy, Telekinesis, Teleportation, and much more, thus giving humanity a whole new perspective into our reality, one where we are all responsible for our own creations. Thus connecting us with Earth and her magic and the vastness of other beings of higher vibrations from the stars. Taking back our power within to create a world we all LOVE and are proud of.

To remember and know what we can become, is wisdom worth sharing. When your life has led you to not only finding wisdom within taking you to humanity's potential and what that looks like. The responsibility to forward that on to those who are wanting to find out more about themselves, takes over. No longer interested in the survival game Bobbie challenges herself and others to seek a higher purpose and become the creator of their reality. 

"I hold many codes through memories and feelings not only of past lives but also of stories shown to me of realities beyond this limited programming by benevolent beings. I have always seen (with my eyes) into the unseen and other realities as this gift was passed down through my DNA from my parents, especially my Mothers side as she also had the same gift.


To fully awaken myself and to connect to back to Source and the many dimensions that hold answers to our questions, I had to do the inner work, just like everyone else, clearing all programming that I was not enough. Through this clearing, I've learned a lot and can now help many others find themselves back to the amazing empowered humans we all are and to connect back into remembering we are all ONE."  Bobbie Richardson

A seer and channeler, Bobbie has been visited and taken to other dimensional realities. Her drive has taken her deep down the rabbit hole to finding out what humanity can become after having many messages have been given to her. One of the most amazing events Bobbie has had in this reality, is meeting a Cherokee Elder named Grandmother Pa'Ris'Ha from Ohio who took her hand in 2006 and talked to her telepathically for over an hour, this directed her attention into asking - 'What is humanities potential?' 

Her story has not only healed her own issues as she challenged herself to look at herself honestly, she now has the wisdom handed to her by other dimensional beings to help others who are ready to step out of the matrix and into their own potential reality.

We are here to help humanity wake up to their potential and invite you to join us and many more on Earth to co-create something wonderful together.

Youtube Video Producer

Motivational Speaker

Graphic and Fine Artist

Author and Illustrator


Channeler, Seer and Visionary


Multiple interviews on The Kevin Moore Show – They call us the Channelers

Cambell Purvis Auto Didactic and Spiral Up Youtube

Talking minds Podcast with Marcus & Tracey

3rd Eye Salon Interview Katman

KCOR Digital Radio Talk show


Presenter at The Paradigm Shift 2018 and 2020 with Anthony OFlynn

Karen Swainy interview on Awakening Consciousness

Spaced Out Radio


Japhys Pirate Radio Show


To remember and know what we can become, is wisdom worth sharing. When your life has led you to not only finding wisdom within taking you to humanity's potential and what that looks like. The responsibility to forward that on to those who are wanting to find out more about themselves, takes over. No longer interested in the survival game Bobbie challenges herself and others to seek a higher purpose and become the creator of their reality. 

Strange Real Stories
Me June 2013.jpg
See Above For Bobbie's Live Video Stream of her Stories

Bobbie's True Stories.

Bobbie's strange real-life stories. Bobbie was gifted to see and sometimes interact with other dimensions, this has created a life of living on the edge of this reality and the next, but through her fear she found strength, and through her strength she found answers. So she has put together the beginnings of some of those stories with many more to come.


In 1986 Bobbie had a flashback to a memory of living on Pleiades. She saw herself in a very grand open home connected to a vast ocean. Pillars lined the house as Dolphins came up to the balcony where one could converse telepathically as the dolphins were seen more as brothers and sisters rather than pets.

In 2005 Bobbie was introduced to a Cherokee Elder called Grandmother PaRisHa who's job was to go around the world and find what she calls Buffalo Hearts or new souls connected to Pleaidies, she worked with her on and off for a few years giving her the name U'lana'wa Nunnie'Hi -The Turtle where she carries the code back to our authentic self and the new Earth and Nunnie' Hi she said Bobbie was the creator of Faires. 

In 2007 GM Pa'Ris'Ha took my hand and talked to me telepathically which has inspired a lot of my work to open minds to humanity's potential. We are way more than we are lead to believe.

In 2009 she was approached in a very vivid dream by a Pleiadian, she remembered asking him to be her guide while she was here on Earth as she used to teach him in past lives, and help awaken her at a time that she had risen her vibration enough. His forehead locked with hers as he chanted strange symbols and sounds starting with Raaa... then turning his head spoke a familiar but unusual language likened to Egyptian crossed with JR Tolkiens Faye language of Lord Of The Rings. She woke to her whole body shaken with this vibration and remembered more.

This connection to the Pleiadians is important as they led her to the truth of their part in humanity's history as well as of things to come once the big shift divides us into a higher vibrational reality from the inside out.

Art by Bobbie Richardson

New Earth

In 2004 Bobbie has up till then had many visions but the one that stood out was going to sleep and waking up in a potential Earth that seemed so real. Her mind was completely still and living in the moment, this was so peaceful, so harmonize and freeing. While there she was contacted telepathically by friends who teleported to her front door as that was the only way to get to her home. They walked out to the balcony and because of how clear their thoughts were they could manifest a tray with a cuppa tea on. The nature of mountains and trees were very vibrant in colour and one could connect to learn from the vast landscape.

In 2006 while Bobbie was camping she decided after working on her mind a lot to put her new-found stillness of her mind to the test as she walked through a field over the other side of a shallow river in Kenilworth, Qld. She said to herself, 'if this is all for real, if one can manifest anything with one's mind if it is still enough, then I should be able to now.' So she sat in the middle of the field and closed her eyes, then stilled her mind as she was taught by benevolent beings, thinking only of manifesting a four-leaf clover, without opening her eyes she plucked a blade of long grass, opened her eyes to find a four-leaf clover. This is when she realized humans had the potential to manifest.

Art by Bobbie Richardson

New Perspective Lens flare.jpg
Talking To The Dolphins.jpg

Massive Awakening

In 1993 when Bobbie was 27 years old she remembers driving in a car with her fiance'. She sat there with many negative emotions and thoughts about her partner and life in general. When a voice within her mind stated, 'just think positively,' this remark kept repeating until Bobbie started to answer what she thought was herself, asking 'why should I, nothing will ever change.' the voice in her head then replied, 'why wouldn't you give it ago, you have nothing to lose as there's no one else that would even know whats going on in your mind.'' This got her thinking but still not convinced.

The conversation went on until her fiance pulled onto a long sandy beach alongside the pacific ocean in Akaroa.

Her partner stepped out to take some photo's leaving Bobbie in the car on another chilly day in New Zealand.

The same voice within then said to Bobbie, 'open the door and dig.' at first Bobbie hesitated, she didn't want to look like an idiot, but realizing that no one else was around she opened the car door and just started to dig, all the while feeling stupid doing so. But would you believe about 3 inches down in the sandy dirt in the middle of nowhere, she dug up a solid gold bracelet with a tattered heart lock on it. 

This is when she decided to listen to this subtle voice within, this is when her whole life turned from mainstream to opening up the door to awakening.

Contact with Earth at Uluru and the Truth Stone

Back Story - Back in 2005 I gave birth to my youngest daughter, she was the only one I saw twice before she was born standing beside my bed, once giving me a gift.


About 6 months later I went to see Pa'Ris'Ha an amazing Cherokee Elder for the first time. She had come from Ohio, to do a talk in Byron Bay Australia, and also to find Buffalo Hearts or souls straight from Pleiades, I had to take my youngest as she was only a baby.


The Elder sat next to us and said, 'your baby is going to be a great leader one day.' Later she pulled me out of a crowd of people, placing her hands on my head she helped me calm my mind, just as I was taught previously by spirit who got my attention by guiding me to dig up a gold bracelet on a beach in Akaroa New Zealand.


A year later I went to see Grandmother again as she had come back to do another talk, she pulled me out of the crowd of people she was talking to and said that she would be working with me, which she did for the next few years. One of those highlights amongst many was when she took my hand and talked to me telepathically.


Our first Camp with my youngest.

It was around the same time of meeting with Grandmother when my family decided to go camping for the first time in Kenilworth next to the Mary River, I had been decussing with a friend of mine to imagine a beautiful world and what that would look like, as we imagined a place of connection and magic with the land, I also had a dream with Grandmother Pa'Ris'Ha in it saying we need to do this in 2 levels or dimensions, one where we can re-learn the magic we have within us.



Getting back to the story of finding the stone, the first morning of our camp in Kenilworth back in early 2006, I woke up earlier then everyone else, so I decided to go for a walk through Mary river. This is when I asked creator, "God show me a sign if this new Earth will be happening for the people." Then before me a huge rainbow appeared and I could see the end of it on the other side of the river. I knew there was something at the end of the rainbow and that afternoon the family and a friend of my husbands went for a walk. It was just an open field with one dead tree in the middle and around the outside a dried up river bed curved around some of the most beautiful old wise looking trees.


As we crossed the open field, my husbands friend came up to me and said, "I think this is what you're looking for?" in his palm was a rectangle stone with a lighter rectangle within it. It had what looked like a small indented finger placement on one of the corners and a chip out of the opposite corner, it was unusually symmetrical which intrigued me, so I took the stone and honestly thought if it doesn't amount to anything it would make an awesome art piece. Always thinking of creating something.


It wasn't until a year later when my middle daughter who is the grounding person of our family and very connected to Earth, pulled it out of the glove box of the car and said, you should be working with this one.

At the time I was connecting to my guides after having another incredible vision of 4 white horses who came crashing through my large bedroom window, the glass shattering was so loud it made me sit up from my sleep. The four etheric horsemen galloped above me in a circle when I said something, I had to ask my husband at the time what it was after. He had already shot out over the other side of the bed trying to fend off whatever I got a fright from although he didn't see anything. I had apparently said, "They are coming soon, not just yet, I've been waiting for this one." A song was running through my head with the words, "a band fall of angels is comin after me." although I wasn't at all religious this sent me on a journey to connecting with my guides and meditating again.


So I took the stone inside and decided to meditate with it, nothing happened until I fell asleep and was awoken with a whirling noise in my right ear, it was like a sucking sound as if my mind imagined some sort of energy being shifted from with in my mind. Then the sound subsided to the stone clearly being seen within my minds eye rotating, and information being uploaded into me.


From then on if I wanted to know the truth I could ask the stone and it would appear in my dreams telling me what the truth was. It also appeared in my dreams several times breaking apart or crumbling to reveal crystals and mechanisms inside that would teach humanity to become telepathic and telekinetic plus other magical things. Like it could awaken us from our sleep. It also showed me a UFO coming with 3 human like beings coming out of it.


I took the stone to show the Elder Grandmother Pa'Ris'Ha, once, when she held it she said, 'it doesn't look like it was made on Earth,' giving me a grin she gave it back.


I went back to the same camping site with the stone years later in Kenilworth. Walking around the same field, I had already been taught by spirit how to still my mind and told that we are creating our reality with our thoughts all the time, so I decided this day to put that into practice so I sat in the middle of the field, closed my eyes and clear my mind with the intention of picking a four leaf clover. I didn't open my eyes but instead reached out to pick the first thing I felt, I opened my eyes only to see a four leaf clover in my hand, 'Wow,' this is when I truly started to believe in the power within our still minds to change any story.


In 2008 I had spilt up from the girls dad and found myself settling at the bottom of Mount Coolum, an amazing mountain that talked through me as I created my first picture book for the kids to open their imagination called "Imagine Holding Hands". This is when I was contacted by a Pleiadian man putting his forehead on my forehead and chanting starting with Ra... and other sounds till I awoke with my whole body visibly vibrating. I knew I had risen my vibration enough for him to make such a contact as this was all meant to be to help me awaken.


It wasn't until 2011 around the time of the New Zealand Earthquakes when I was reaching for the stone for guidances after dreaming something when it fell and broke a clean brake into two pieces. I cried but realized it was probably meant to be. So I bound it with leather strapping and tied it to a strap to hang around my neck.


It was after that when synchronicities took me to Uluru where I took the stone to talk to the mountain in Sept 2011 but that's another story. (See Video Below)


The last night 19th Sept 2020, I had a dream of the stone, it broke into pieces again and revealed a computer like compartment with a lot of white crystals, I knew it to be very important and was excited to share as the computer represented information. I found myself on a bike on the highway when a very real Ufo came by me with a different being in it, I felt this was for real, I wasn’t afraid and said I would race him home so I took off on my bike. Then I found myself with my old friend whom I actually am going to see in Nov in Northern Qld. Then I found myself in a place with many people living together and a song played which I sang the whole song with love, everybody enjoyed it.


I feel this stone is a bridge, it is a connection to the Pleiadians and to teach humanity.

I feel the break represents another dream I had of humanity being represented by a boulder where an almighty split happens where 2 thirds of the worlds population will move with Earth back to the 5th dimension where all life connects again.


I trust it will be where it needs to be when the time comes to make that bridge and trust with all the love in my heart that this will help awaken many.

Bobbie Richardson

Stone side1.png
David Icke and Bobbie.jpg

Activating Our DNA and Pineal Gland


How I came to this Wisdom.


After meeting with Grandmother Pa'Ris'Ha an amazing Cherokee Elder in 2008 who took my hand and talked to me telepathically for over an hour, I realized that there was a lot more to humanity and their potential, after all, she was just brought up differently, but we all had the same brain, the same hearts just different perceptions of our abilities.


So I went home to focus on humanity's potential and asked all visions and dreams to lead me to the reasons why most of us couldn't link telepathically.


I was soon led to the pineal gland, but only being a mum and graphic artist I had limited schooling especially to do with the sciences so I had my work cut out for me to learn from the net, still I asked to be led to the right path.


One day my youngest aged 4 came to me and said a strange word 'Anyon,' a few days later when I was putting her to bed she sat up very assertively and said, "I know where we go when we die, it's a place called Anyon, it's where everything is everything, we live in Anyon now but we also live in our minds to Mummy, you can look it up but you have to thank me for this one." Taken back I thanked her and of course, immediately looked it up. ( Love someone from the science field to check this out.)


Now I'm no scholar as I said before but it sure seemed like this particle could reside in two dimensions, light and material. Which would make some sense with what my daughter said that we live in a material world and a light frequency world but our minds make it real?


The next day I was led to a TED talk by Jill Bolte Taylor, who was talking about our two brain hemispheres and what the left as compared to the right. I realized our right hemisphere had not been given any credence as our schooling belittled its very existence of imagination and intuition. So that's half of our brain been denied and with it, half of our existence and existence Jill said was extremely valuable to the power we have as a human.


From there my knowledge on the pineal gland came back into play as I read an article saying the pineal gland produces serotonin when we are happy and this is transformed into melatonin which helps us regulate sleep, then with a Beta Carotin Food Acid, (hope I spelled that right) can yield into DMT (wish I could find that article from 2009 but I can't sorry.)


Then I was led to cymatics, where a vibrating plate with different frequencies of sound vibrated through the metal plate would produce amazing mandala-like patterns.

I also found around the same time that the pineal gland was like an eye and had these tiny rods of crystals floating around, (when the pineal gland is healthy) which with sound could activate like the cymatic patterns. I was told in visions that some of the crop circles held keys to communicate with other beings of higher dimensions, so what if like the Tibetans who chant and create mandala-like patterns saying they are portholes to other dimensions already knew of this.


In 2010 I went to see Grandmother Pa'Ris'Ha in Ohio to do a vision quest and sundance. I had to go on a strict no sugar, no root vegetable or meat diet for 28 days before the vision quest, which I did. This led up to going in the forest erecting a tent, placing four rocks around the tent as my boundary, and only drinking water for a few days. While there I had a premonition dream of what we were to eat after lol and then the dreams became very real.


I was in my tent when a war or galloping horse came towards me. I knew I had to get out (this to me represented my two hemispheres of my brain warring, logic against intuition) I crawled out to find a cave (my pineal gland) walking inside I noticed some steps leading up at the back of the cave. As I went to walk up an Elder came out of nowhere and no questions asked fired an arrow at me from her bow. There was no time to think or escape the arrow but another slimmer Elder jumped in front of me taking the shot she died instantly. The elder protecting the cave was so surprised as that was her best friend. She took my hand to see if she could stop me, but every story that ran through her mind led me to still crawling back, she realized then that she could kill me or stop me and angrily waved her hand up to let me go. (I feel this is an automatic block we all have within us to never be allowed into other higher dimensions if we come from a warring mind, but for some reason, I could override it in this instant.) So I climbed the stairs and went up to the forest opening up to a beautiful field so colourful with a river running through it and a bridge crossing it. ( I feel this represents the river represents our flow of blood, DNA carrying ideas and lessons of life, the bridge is then our corpus callosum which connects our left and right hemisphere of our brain).


I walked onto the bridge and noticed a small blonde haired boy coming to see me from the other side. (Felt he was a Pleiadian from a higher dimension or maybe my higher self) We both looked over the side of the bridge as he said, "Watch this." He put his hand out and stilled the river, I was amazed, then as he pulled his hand back the river started to flow again, that's when I noticed a huge dead fish floating down the river. Again the boy put his hand out and the fish started to move as it passed under the bridge it came alive. Floating behind the fish was another dead one, but this one was decaying. I remember thinking there's no way he can bring this one to life. But as he raised his hand the decaying parts of the fish morphed into seaweed looking skin and the fish although altered in shape came alive as we raced to the other side of the bridge to see it swimming off. Then I woke up.


I felt the fish represent old knowledge hidden within us, that with a still mind we can bring back to life again, some things might change as nothing is ever the same but we can ignite this old wisdom and become something unique to all that we have learned.


After this experience, I realized that with a still mind we can activate the pineal gland producing DMT which coupled with the tiny crystals in our third eye that act like cymatics can connect like keys to an etheric doorway to other wiser beings. I was also led to certain places on Earth where gridlines of energy connected made it easy to connect to these doorways.


All we need to do is to move towards what makes us happy so we produce enough natural serotonin and then this coupled with a still mind or one we can control, can activate our pineal gland which will produce a natural DMT or dimethyltryptamine, which is found in all living creatures as all living creatures have the ability to talk to Earth telepathically, this is why they know how to be authentic within there natural self. Thus in reflection activates our DNA.

Strange Encounters - Meeting the Faye and Elementals of Earth


In 2007 Bobbie had her first experience with the elements of Earth. She had previously been to Crystal Castle an amazing spiritual hub nestled in the hinterland of Byron Bay, who at the time was selling her children's books Imagine Holding Hands where she saw a very small white light approach her and disappear. 

A couple of nights later she was woken up by very clear Celtic music playing in her head, and a voice saying over and over. "What you saw on Saturday was real." She sat up and thought, Saturday I had a psychic reading, was that real? Then a small pain inside her head started and it wouldn't leave until she acknowledged the small white light as a fairy. Then the next day she walked out to her garden to see about 40 huge mushrooms some as big as side plates creating about 3 mushroom circles in the garden. She saw the light fairy again later at her friend's house as it landed on her knee, her friend saw it too, asking what was that?

Bobbie was inspired after that to paint a red elemental tree. 

Art by Bobbie Richardson

It wasn't until 2011 when Bobbie lived in Buderim back onto an amazing first, that she came home late one night carrying her children up the stairs that she noticed a small like under the outside stairs leading to her front door. After putting the girls to bed she came back out with a torch only to find several small glow in the dark mushrooms, which don't usually grow around homes. 

That night was a very busy night as Bobbie rested her head on her pillow only to be woken up by small imprinted footsteps walking around her pillow, she could feel her pillow moving down with each footstep, then when she opened her eyes she saw a male Faye or Fairy being the size of a human, sitting on her bed, he had his mouth covered by a dark grey haze like he didn't want me to see it, his chest was bare, his hair was a wave of light brown loose curls, but it was his eyes that looked very different as they were larger and wrapped around the side of his head a bit. He said he resided in Mexico. He propositioned me, but I declined, there was no ill-feeling about the whole contact. He gave me the feeling like sex was more like a handshake to them and he certainly wouldn't do anything against my wishes. I watched him stand up and holding something to his ear he started to talk in a Celtic like language, then a grid opened up past my open bedroom door into the lounge, like a fan with parallel lines. He then walked on through the grid and disappeared.

Note from Bobbie.

I feel elementals were created as a go-between humanity and Earth, like a way to talk to Earth so she can share many gifts of healing and abundance. But when humanity's energy fell below the acceptance of these other-dimensional creatures, many who's job was to communicate with humanity lost their way to and became mischievous trying to get our attention which formed into acts of trickery. But there true reason for being, will come back once humanity wakes up.

In 2014 Bobbie started to write her children's novel Jonar & Kitty - The Timekeepers Void, she had just created and drew a character called Loopnit, when she found herself at a good friend's house who had lit up a huge bomb fire. It was so huge it was like the plumes of flames were breathing. She took two photos with her mobile, then before the third, she whispered under her breath, "I know there is something trying to get through, so show me yourself." Then the third photo revealed what she felt to be the very character she just created for her book.

Earth Spirits.jpg
Loopnit n Fire face.jpg

My first experience with a UFO craft.



I went to bed and as usual, looked out of my bedroom window only this time I saw an unusual bright orange light staying perfectly still in the night sky. It stayed in the sky for what seemed like an hour to me as I watched it, trying to work out what it was. I had the strangest thought wash over me that it was observing me, as if it knew me. Then I remember thinking, why me, I'm nobody special. All of a sudden it flew off very fast which scared me a lot, so I threw over my blankets and didn’t move a muscle sweating like crazy, my heart racing. as I was only 11 years old at the time and had never seen anything like this before. I then heard my bedroom door open to see my dad walk to my bed, hold my hand to calm me down, not saying anything but making me feel better he stood up and left. I later asked my dad, he said he never came into my room that night nor any other night. It wasn’t something he would normally do. So who was that?

A few nights later while the family was watching the news while eating fish and chips out of newspaper on the floor, one of my favorite meal times as the whole family ate together and who didn't love fish and chips. We saw on the News a story on a presenter filming a UFO in Kaikoura which was a four-hour drive from my hometown called Kaiapoi.

I told my family what I saw but they thought I was making it all up. A few weeks later I woke to many lights in my room, I don't remember much about that, but my sister remembered me telling her.

About a year later my mother who use to work the nightshift cleaning the Southerner Trains in Christchurch came home around 3pm to see me on the roof of the house. I had my hands in the air moving backward like I was about to catch something. She yelled at me to come in and get to bed. The next day after school she was upset with me and told me to never do that again, obviously, it scared her to see me on the roof at night. But I couldn't remember anything, so later that day I climbed onto the roof to see if there was any way I could stand, it was to steep for my mind to stand so I was wondering how could I do that and why did I have my hands in the air?


Years later this sighting was nothing on what I would experience as many more visitations and experiences happened to me, giving me advice on the times to come, teaching me to learn to control my mind as this was very important and what humanities potential is once we are all out of the deception of the Drocinians. I am very grateful for all of the encounters I've had even though many scared me for a while. It was worth it in the end because I know humanity has a huge chance to create wonderful things with Earth.


Kaikoura UFO sighting around the same time.

Meeting Earth and Source Energy/God


This journey happened the night of the 28th through to the 29th March 2020.

Back story I felt relevant - I had a very vivid dream of a UFO landing at the end of my street, excited I ran inside to find a camera as I couldn't believe they had finally arrived. The UFO was so huge it landed between two mountains as a disc shape. Four etheric vivid blue beings came out, one morphed into a rainbow ball of light then laid next to me as a human male to tell me something, he said, "When the Governments fall, Seers will be placed around the Earth to search for a weak spot of the Earths energies." I felt they would work with the Healers of the Earth. He also said we will meet 28 29. This could be a date or a frequency code. Interesting that it's the same as the date I met with Oneness/God.


28th-29th March 2020

Putting my hands on the Earth I could feel into her like she was panting or about to give birth, or letting go enough to create something new.

The next moment I saw pillars of light meeting at the center of Earth, each representing something living on Earth - a pillar for the trees, for the animals, and also counsel members from outside Earth, all gathering to share their experiences and decide what to allow through to the next creation.

I then realized I was also a pillar of light and I was bringing in the energy and experiences of humanity. I felt like I was part of Earth formed into myself as a human.

I stepped forward with our colourful story and spoke for humanity to come to the next creation. This was accepted.

But I knew in my heart much clearing was to be done and this is where my experience took a turn as I had up till then not realized I had denied supporting myself as a female.


I knew that it would take around nine months from a human perspective for this new birth to take place, so I thought around Dec 2020.


NB. The story continues as this video of my actual meeting of Oneness which happened straight after this connection with Earth. The first part is about my own clearing which I feel most of us have gone through in our own way over the last few months to find our authentic selves.

My first Message about my Mission


When I was young I had a dream that has stayed with me till now. I was traveling with many up a tall mountain. The journey was tuff, so tuff I needed a break halfway and rested in a log cabin. After I felt rejuvenated I climbed the rest of the mountain with everyone else. We reached the top and before all of us was a huge maze that many had seen before but became trapped in. All eyes turned to me and said, "You will lead us through the maze." Honestly, I was shocked, who was I to lead others.


I was only 19 when I had this dream but now I am now in my 50's and I have had so many experiences with not only higher dimensional beings but also a Cherokee Elder from USA who physically took my hand and talked to me telepathically, David Ickes personal chit chat about public speaking at Uluru after connecting with the spirit of the mountain. Being taken to humanity's potential and personally feeling what it feels like when we get there. Given 4 different perspectives of humanity's true history from four races that influenced our creation. Connecting with the elemental worlds of Mother Earth. And recently I was given the experience of meeting Source/God/Creator that I AM, after asking two years previously to experience ONENESS. All of these and many more experiences have given me an edge of our reality, a new perspective of what humanity is capable of and where we can all go.


So I now know we are way more than what we have been lead to believe. 

I finally get it!

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