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To help awaken the children.
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Imagine Holding Hands was created at the base of Mount Coolum after climbing to the top and asking what can I do to help the world? This book was birthed.  A song of the same title was also created as the Author Bobbie Richardson is a singer-songwriter and often channels profound messages in her music. Her intention was to help lead humanity into a new era of creating via our imagination from LOVE for all.

The vibration is intended for children but many adults who haven't learned to use their imagination also find this book important. Great to read to babies before they are born as well as the questions get there neurons paths firing of the right hemisphere in the right direction, something we have been denied for eons, that of creating. Enjoy!

more books to come...

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Imagine Holding Hands Song

Imagine Holding Hands being read by Ellie The Fairy for children 6mths +

Jonar & Kitty - The Timekeepers Void

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This story takes the reader on an exciting adventure through an inner porthole to another dimension within Earth, one that was disconnected eons ago but is part of our truth.  This dimension is full of magical, fantastical creatures where animals and humans are equals, and plants have the ability to heal and many unique characters help lead us into other realities. This otherworldly adventure throws Jonar and Kitty, two teenagers on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, wherein saving their friends they also find a hidden gem within themselves and are then able to unite both dimensions, returning us all home.           

Visit the world of Elphnye where the colours are brighter and the days are shorter, where the stars move before your eyes and the trees hold other realities. Meet Spirit the auspicious black panther, Jabene a dramatical fairy, Alder a wizard who made a terrible mistake and was sentenced to a life as a badger, Loopnit a crazy little man with the ability to teleport and many more creatures who are connected to humans way more than we know.

Designed for children who are looking for awareness of self and unlimited imagination.

Shipping Included
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Adler & Quoll

Sylph Queen

Dryad Tree

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The Majic of Jonar & Kitty.

When creating Loopnit, a couple of weeks after drawing him Bobbie found herself at a friend's place where they watched a huge bomb fire, it was a very auspicious night full of magic. Bobbie took 3 pictures of the fire when she felt like a being was trying to show itself through the flames, on the 3rd click she asked to see who it was and this image was photographed. Even she was amazed to see the very character she channeled though for her book just a couple of weeks before on the photo.


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