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4 Universal Understandings

30th Sep 2022

Channeled Message

1.The universal law is reflection – the clearer you are about knowing your outer world is an inner reflection of how you feel about you, the more control you have of creating the world you desire.

2.The universal language is telepathy as communicating not just with the spoken word but with feelings is where more understanding is available so the first step towards this is to convert empathy into language.

3.The universal movement is love, meaning all we love moves us – or all we lack within love keeps us bound.

4,The universal truth is Oneness, by becoming the observer of all in your reality and understanding that everything we entangle with is Oneness going on a journey through you.

Therefore Love moves us into creation, connecting all through the feeling of empathy and compassion so that we may understand ourselves better as the observer of all in our reality, reflecting this understanding of ourselves, allowing others to fill our story with all that we know to be our truth that through oneness we are the creator.

Bobbie Richardson and her Tribe.

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