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A BRAND NEW ZOOM CLASS COMING in February Teachings From Higher Dimensions

Updated: Jan 26

To all my valued Ruby Customers, thank you so much for being part of this tribe, I cannot express how much it meant to me that you were willing to support my messages.

However, this has now come to an end as a whole new era is beginning on my website with new Intuitive Counselling Readings and the start of a brand new zoom class.

I have canceled all Ruby Memberships as I said I would do this a month ago, to make room for my new classes. All channeled messages will be available for free for now as I am focusing on my new readings, my zoom school and free Youtube messages.

If any of you are keen to become part of my new class, please check out the bookings page.

I will be advertising this in the near future to bring in more customers through youtube.

Sneak preview of the advert.

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