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A Cashless Society Could Be A Good Thing.

Maybe a cashless society is going to push humanity into doing a lot more swapping and trading. Maybe we will find this will unite many into groups of trust, giving humanity a way to connect face-to-face with each other and learn the true value of unity.

Maybe we will learn to value others in alignment with their expertise instead of what the societal norm says, and caretakers, farmers, teachers and others who aren't as valued will find they are needed more. Maybe we will see we don't need so much in our life to keep us happy, and we will learn to work smarter, not harder.

Or even more than that maybe it will force many to turn to Earth to nurture them again and we will seek others who have found a way to speak to her once again. Which will gift humanity the ability to work with her and find our societies flourish, stepping us out of the matrix and into a reality of true abundance where we are free to do as we please. To create what we desire.

Cashless could throw us into a higher state of consciousness. There's always another way, everything happens for a reason, its whether you interpret it as a limitation or open another door to expansiveness.

Bobbie Richardson

Youtube - Bobbie The Messenger

Codes To A New Reality

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