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A Few Channelings 20th - 25th Nov 2021

Art By Bobbie Richardson 2018

25th Nov 2021 - Pleiadians

The new frequencies arriving on Earth have been building up since Dec 2020 – here to shatter all that is not in line with love. There are stages to ones grieving as we purge old energies and in reflection the stories can come up again to re address, who did you give your power away to. This could be in the form of submissivness and victimization or anger and fight, but ones true power lies within ones knowing that they can command and shift all from within there knowing that they are absolutely just as important as any other. This then manifests in a story where the perpetrator knows they can no longer control the victim or fuel up by those that are pushing them. True power comes from loving oneself 100%.

23rd Nov 2021 - Bobbie's Spiritual Team

Our imagination is a powerful thing, it can lead us to creating or destroying our reality, depending on what you choose to focus on. When our reality is programmed not to trust or to ignore our imagination, we are at the disposal of those who run the program. But when we take the reigns back and imagine ourselves powerful. We can imagine those who hold and run the program out of our reality. It’s no wonder they decided a century ago to wipe out the imagination of all school children by age 12, saying that it dosnt serve the logical adult mind. Thus our whole system is run by those who fear the day humanity remember the power of their imagination.

As all that humanity creates starts with it!

20th Nov 2021 - Pleiadians

To know thyself, gifts you protection from mind control. For when you do, you become the leading actress of your reality and take full responsibility to who you choose to be.

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