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A Few Things Happening now with the New Emerging Energies

Updated: May 8, 2021

Painting By Bobbie Richardson after a dream of being in a potential New Earth Frequency.

1. We are learning to support ourselves and come from the inner strength that all those outside of us don't need to validate the truth of how we feel within.

2. We are learning to live in the moment and let go of all past memories that never served us, creating from only the bliss that we want to step into more.

3. We are learning how to connect to spirit as they are a part of us that was disconnected eons ago through the reprograming to disrespect our intuitive guidance, and this created a leadership role outside ourselves. Once connected back to our intuitive guidance those leaders become void as we are realizing our trust in those who reside in higher frequencies serve us better as they can see our whole path for us to move into our happiest lives and guide us when we follow our hearts desires, this will show up as synchronicities and knowingness, but a leap of faith is required from ourside into trusting those intuitive nudges.

4. We are learning that logic still has a big part to play in bringing all awareness from imagination into reality, but it cannot shift our problems only repeat them as stepping into creating the new, is the job of our imagination and intuitive guidance. But for those that live in their imagination more may need to find balance through their logic being ignited, so one might ask are you playing the game only in your head or are you playing it on the board, as to play only in ones head gives no traction to our reality unless it is brought logically onto the board of life.

5. We are learning that abundance isn't in how much wealth one acquires but in the release of tension, igniting a knowingness that you will always be gifted as you need, therefore there is no need to carry everything on your back anymore as your trust in your connection to spirit will always supply on command. Abundance is this the freedom of this trust, not living in fear of the what if's or in a survival mind.

6. That no matter where you are on your journey to always stay humble enough to learn from others, as we all have a piece of the puzzle and in sharing or interacting with other peoples realities we can only expand our own.

7. To be gentle on oneself is a must through these changes, allow rest when you feel you need it, to be able to stand up and say no I need time out is a strength for our feminine side to reacess our energy instead of blindly moving forward into energies that don't serve you any more. To be gentle on others and realize they to are going through many changes and that their shifts can alter their perception as they move through lessons in an alarming rate, so don't hold onto who you feel they are at any point in time, instead reacess, reading their energy as you meet them in real time.

Bobbie Richardson

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