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24th Jan 2023 The spirit of man goes beyond this reality, once we get this, we will expand our wisdom past logical endeavors and into the infinite universe within.

25th Jan 2023

Humanity underestimates the power of feeling, as they are directed to the outside physical world, they strive to accumulate that which others have in order to feel as good as they do only to find they are left with a fleeting feeling that soon turns into dis-satisfaction because the feeling they seek isn’t only within the material world but it resides within the person themselves gaining an understanding of love for themselves while occupying the physical world.

Therefore those that gain wealth to gain a feeling of self-satisfaction will be forever seeking as it is the feeling of self which manifests the outside world not the other way around.

Once humanity aligns with an inner understanding that the way they feel is and will always be up to them as their focus on the feeling they desire becomes grounded in the material world as abundance they will never be in survival mode again, leaving the fear-based matrix held within the fragmented layers of guilt that were sparked by humanity meddling many eons ago in the physical world without the maturity of their inner alignment.

Now after many lifetimes humanity's soul has been in a loop of this guilt-ridden fear game manifesting a world of more fear and punishment.

To raise ones energy out of this frequency the lesson has to be accumulated and accepted within humanity's consciousness as part of the adventure to expand ones consciousness or awareness of realities beyond the logical physical world.

It is within this acceptance that we will find understanding and forgiveness in trying to reside both in the physical world and internal world, affecting all other frequencies or worlds aligned with both physical and energy-based worlds.

That to become the creator or driver of ones reality of both dream and waking worlds one would need to accept, trust and find balance of both. Only then could they become the creator of their universe and step into worlds beyond worlds through their feelings aligning with those realities, learning much more, and grounding what these feelings lead them to on the physical plains of Earth.

26th Jan 2023 There is a DNA activation that’s happening to many of us at this moment and in the moments to come that will allow us to experience even more love or light within our DNA, activating much more that will resonate with higher benevolence.

This will gift those a new experience on planet Earth as we become sensitive to much more colour and sound while still giving us a boundary of what we can handle.

They are showing me an energy line in front of us that is moving along a life path and as it moves in front of those whose DNA is being activated they experience more beauty and love within their reality. The feelings can be Uphoric and gift one an appreciation for more than the physical world.

Bobbie and her Soul Team.

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