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Beyond Physical Creation

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Channeled 24th March

Humanity believes that all they have created is what they have made physically with their hands. Leading them to forget the truth that their creations go way beyond their hands.

They have forgotten that their very existence is Source Energy moving through them to experience a life worth living and with that all else outside of them is their creation too, every living thing is a reflection of you allowing another to enter your reality and to combine all of these existences together creates nature and life itself, allowing it to exist.

Use your imagination as a gift, find your boundaries and say no more to anything that goes past these boundaries of self-worth. Respect all others as if they were an extension of you and move through those that don’t feel right with virtue, allowing them to find a suitable energy that reflects their lessons to finding love within again.

For you are in everything and everything is within you. Love creates all you wish to have within your reality and so is the life force behind Source Energy itself, fear is that which you have forgotten is within your capabilities and creates all blockages as a life that pulls you away from that which you are… LOVE

You are creation itself, as there is only one point of existence and that is yours, so stop trying to control other people’s existences and create a life worth living to share this wealth of abundance from within reflecting in them. For you are love and always will be.

Bobbie Richardson

Invision Art ©

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