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Codes To A new Reality 20 - Time To Remember

Time To Remember

For all of those who have woken up to knowing that it is not our responsibility to direct or control the outcome of who lives or dies, as it is nature herself that takes care of that. Life is always coming and going, as that is how it is and always will be. There is no need to hide behind the masks of controlling an outcome that cannot be controlled.

For those who have woken, they will feel it in their souls that humanity has a way more important job to do, as it is our responsibility in this time to connect to earth again and bring back our awareness of not just living on her but remembering we are a part of her. As this integration takes place humanity will start to realize we are her spokesperson, her mind, as her imagination washes through ours and ours through hers. With this we awaken our right hemisphere to intuitively know our next move from a point of view that all in our immediate reality is part of us including Earth.

Yes we are ONE.

This integration is not only between Earth and ourselves but also between our left logical hemispheres, which has learnt over the last thousands of years how to put physical life into action, using everything around us as tools to live in abundance as separate individuals. Now the time has come to re awaken our intuitive right hemisphere, which was put to sleep eons ago to give our logical side a chance to learn from. With this awakening of our right intuitive hemisphere, it is now time to merge both and come from a whole new perspective of knowing the value of both sides of ourselves, to not only know how to use the physical gifts mother nature supplies us like the plants, trees, metals, crystals and how to live abundantly but also to know within our hearts and souls who we are and how to imagine a whole new society, one that integrates not only our logic and intuition but also our individual talents to work with Mother Earth again.

This is a very auspicious time for all. It is time to turn our backs on those who have taken our logical side to far, as following them now, will only lead humanity to a very stuck cloned controlled society. Because when humanity only comes only from logic it doesn’t have the ability to shift any reality and thus needs those to control them because logic doesn’t know anything of our intuition and imagination, which guides us towards our hearts desires. Those beings who have lead us have shown us the value of our logical side, they are beings that know this side very well, they embody logic and that is why they were chosen to teach us, but some have taken this to far and became so caught up in the story that they don’t realize the lesson is over, but with this over controlling leadership, humanity is being pushed into waking up the right hemisphere again. Because our very awareness that we cannot trust what we are being told by our leaders wakes our intuition, wakes our ability to trust ourselves again. To take the reigns of our own lives and this my friends leads us to a whole new wonderful experience that no one has ever seen before, a society that has the imagination or wonderful things to come.

Now isn’t that worth waking up for?

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