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The fear of ET's is a reflection of us not knowing ourselves.

Not sharing extra-terrestrial information by those in power was done, they say, to protect the people. But it was never to protect the people, but to protect themselves from the people, because the system they built to keep us in ignorance, was built to keep them in power.

But those in power now know, the ETs are showing themselves more and more with a message that we the people have been deceived by them, that there is way more to life than what’s on this planet, that there are many more souls in different avatars or bodies who live completely in harmony with themselves and their planet. As that is the natural order of things.

Now those that created this system we live in, keeping you in ignorance, feel they have to create a false flag situation that shows all extra-terrestrials as violent, so they can keep their system in place, hence why so many movies are funded by them that show only evil outside of our planet, this is to program us using fear tactics to protect the system they built from their own fear that they lacked power unless they had you to control.

You are being manipulated by fear to keep them in power because they fear their life without you in it.

To see past this veil, one must take back that which was stolen from you, your connection to your soul which is all knowing, your intuition and how to use your imagination which holds soul memory of your past lives which in many cases aligns you with those living on other planets because you have lived past lives with them. Opening your mind to grounding way more gifts benefiting you and this beautiful planet Earth. To let go of their fear-based story and trust your own built-in guidance system.

When you align with loving who you are, you automatically align with loving your soul. As your soul is only love which is the base frequency of all living things going on a journey through this body. The body is the soul slowed down enough to create a separate version of itself entering this existence, giving the soul an avatar to go on a journey free to explore its environment also created by the source of all things, LOVE. Therefore, your environment is always listening to you to create what you are seeking, confirming how you feel about yourself and your reality through love. Unless that is we have given our power to another to say they know more about us and our soul than we do, and in not trusting ourselves we live in the fear game.

When we get this and step out of their reality when we let go of the fear to expand and invite others from outside the limited fear-based society to interact with us, our reflection of our trust and love in ourselves expands past fear. Gifting you much more wisdom.

There is way more to explore when we connect back and trust our soul which is LOVE going on a journey.

Channeled By Bobbie Richardson and her Soul Team


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