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Grounding Heaven On Earth.

I'm No Astrologist But This Date Was Given As Important.

Anything to do with astrology can happen weeks and days before the event takes place, depending on your emapthy and energetic ties to that date.

This is what I channeled through for this date...

Big conjunction with Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces on 12th April as the spiritual self is more grounded in our reality. Those that aren't spiritual at all may find this transition more difficult, but those that are connected could find new direction and signs showing them a better way and mindset to approach life. Those that have done the mind work will find a calmness and collective balance within, those that haven't will find more anxiety and stress. Be careful not to allow others to suck your energy dry, have healthy boundaries set and trust in your own intuition. Those that have learned to trust and love their lives could be gifted with divine abundance and wishes coming true. Those that are still looking to support themselves by grasping and blaming others could find they are left alone in these times and life feels like its only giving them problems. Contact could occur for those who are completely in tune with their inner self and have found stillness within their minds already. Connections to Gaia and gifts could start to awaken within those who are preparing for more enlightenment. Nightmares and issues sleeping could happen for those who fear their gifts.

In other words if your've done the inner work and trust in this new flow of energy grounding through humanity from our souls connection and feminine side, knowing how to receive while supporting oneself and allowing one to be nurtured with these new energies while still holding healthy boundaries, you will find a hightened state of awareness.

But on the other side of the coin, if your still grasping outside yourself for help, you will find yourself in a perpetual loop of self sabotage until you eventually look within for that which you are seeking in others to fill. Thank you Shanti for enlightening me to this date.

Bobbie Richardson

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1 Comment

Thanks so much Bobby! This is really great :) I think I need to spend the next few weeks getting into a better state of mind :)

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