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Have You Been Feeling Blissful Feelings Wash Through You.

16th Dec 2020 that night another message.


If you've ever felt a blissful feeling lately, like when your driving down the road and it just washes through you. Many, myself included are reaching bliss in moments of clarity and imagining it shooting out of our bodies towards anyone that can handle this beautiful vibration. As this is where we are going and what it feels like when we reach Source Energy/God within/Creator/Oneness what ever you like to call it. Don't try to hold onto it when you feel it, instead remember the feeling so you know where you are going as the energies arriving on Earth support this blissful feeling at every moment.

Put your day to day attention on all what brings you closer to this feeling, know your focus will take you there more and more, every moment of your day. Don’t get down on yourself for a bad moment, instead accept it, allow it as part of your experience, because your acknowledgement of it makes it easier to accept as part of your valuable story and release to move into bliss again.

Your acceptance of any negative feeling stops judgment of yourself for not being in bliss, which is generally why you are out of balance in the first place, all stories we give ourselves in 3D reality are reflected from the point of being in alignment or out of alignment with Source Energy or bliss. Even if you have gone through a loss of someone close to you, means you have put your bliss into them to keep you happy and not into yourself, which is what most have done in the old energies which were out of line with source energy or bliss. So when they passover you feel empty, lost, but really you also realize you have given your bliss away because you don’t feel worthy enough to feel good without them. So you are out of balance with your bliss. But when someone dies so long as they aren’t stuck in there mind stories they automatically become closer to Source Energy and that bliss so all they want is to meet with you and raise your vibration to be in there’s they want you to find your bliss, your happiness within.

When you know the importance of this blissful feeling, you’ll want to walk away from any negative energies or stories that don’t align, until you start to notice your not getting so much bad stuff happening around you, then as you follow through on actions that take you to more of your happiness, eventually dramas and negative actions of others wont even be in your reality at all.

From this bliss you will wake up to oneness because you will accept all as your creation, as your love for yourself and happiness has carved a different path away from any fear. You are then love in its essence and as Love or Source Energy or God is all there is, from there we can start to create a whole new story.

From there many pieces of the puzzle will be brought forth, as each of you, who experiences this bliss, and all are part of the whole and will add your piece of experience and imaginings to the table. There is no better than, there is just love/ Oneness and your reality no matter what story you share, it all comes from love, so all experiences are needed as the whole for us to create a new reality.

What ever you can imagine can happen from this point and because it is coming from bliss, this imagining you add will enhance everyone’s life as you know you are connected from this bliss to all.

Bobbie Richardson

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