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Nov 28TH 2023

We have all been programmed with a reality that we are taught to focus on, and we bring it into our lives through our actions and choices. This literal program was taught to you by the constant repetition in schools, and families imparting their advice on what is accepted. It is all around us, just as the movie 'The Matrix' says because everybody you encounter that is over the age of 6 has been indoctrinated into believing they need to act and be seen in a certain way to fit into this reality.


To get to the root and the depth of how far we have individually been blended into this program. We have to think in terms of programs or thoughts that do not suit our soul’s advice. Things that we do, but we wish we didn’t have to, things that we say automatically but we know deep down we are belittling ourselves or others by saying them.


To really get into the cracks of this matrix mind-program we then need to ask. “What is truly keeping me from being in line with my soul's desire.”


To do this we need to step into the vastness of unlimited potential that surrounds us at every moment, but the program of fearing what will happen if we do step into a story that goes beyond the logical mind's understanding, means we are stepping into an unknown reality. Learning to be comfortable with not knowing all of the answers will help us shift our logic into letting go.


We all have this ability to smash our own mind matrix though because we are the central point of its very existence, and only we in our own individual identity have decided to become entangled with its very nature, that of control and limitation.


Therefore, it is up to us individually to pursue a reality past the point of the mind matrix and into unlimited potential. “Easier said than done,” you might say.

But just the very existence of this channelling means that a doorway is opening up within humanity to see themselves past the illusion and into unlimited expansion. Gifting those who desire to become more than the limited program an inner awareness that they are the very existence they choose to become.


So, to step out of your own smallness and into a potential you inspire to be. First make a decision to do so, which will send a message out into your universe that you are ready for all wisdom to come to you that aligns with your potential. Then use your imagination to mold your own identity into the potential you’ve always wanted to become, keep seeing this within your mind, repeating it as many times as you can as you are training your logical mind to accept the new you. This will lead you to express yourself as the potential 'you,' knowing that every action has a reaction, you are literally being born again out of the mind matrix and into your very own potential that is in line with your soul. Trust this, and allow all to fall away that isn’t in line with each newness you try out, remember from a soul’s perspective nothing will fall away from you that doesn’t belong in your life anyway. And anything that does fall away was only there to remind you of your smallness.

Channeled Messages via Bobbie and The Cyanians

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