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How Do We Find Peace Again?

Nov 8th 2023- Channeled via The Cyanians

This flow of life is ever present. It is needed for the movement of all things to create a story. Most feel that when they accomplish a life of only peace, they will have reached utopia and this is the truth but peace or Utopia doesn’t come from feeling one-way, it comes from a mesh of feelings, it comes from an acceptance of the whole story. It comes from a giving and receiving of all things so that the push and pull of life can find movement and not stagnate by holding one’s breath, as thinking that only breathing in will give you peace because sooner or later that breath will need to be let out or you will leave this story of life.

Therefore, life is a constant breath in and a breath out, a constant giving and receiving, a constant movement that allows a flow to happen from one moment to the next. And peace comes from embracing this malleable flow of life, as peace is accepting all of life’s so -called ups and downs without trying to hold onto anything. This of course challenges the logical mind because logic wants to make sense of the moment by projecting its good luck in the future, and if it feels it cannot see or make sense of where you are going with all of this because it can’t accept change then it will try very hard to find a way of only holding onto the good times even if holding onto the good times lose their effects or start to fester.

So, life is a breath, in and out, of receiving and giving as that is the nature of all things, and it is through our acceptance of this that we can find peace within all again.

Bobbie Richardson

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