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How to Use Your Imagination Correctly.

Most people don't even know how to use their imagination. This is because they were programmed at school and home to belittle their uniqueness.

We have all been taught that our imagination is a weaker part of ourselves, a distraction, something we should ignore. Something that will lead you to thinking up and believing something that doesn't exist, therefore you will be seen as crazy if you use your imagination to create your reality. But there is way more to our imagination then meets the eye.

Just like anything in this world there is a right way to use your imagination, although this was never taught to us. In knowing how to control and direct it is part of the bigger picture to leaving this matrix or programed reality that has more than halved our magnificents so we can return back to our original reality of peace, connectedness and magic.

Oh what a wonderful tool we have been missing out on, one that when used properly can alter what we don’t want in our existence and lead us to the next step in our evolution.

What I write about next is the fear game we have been told in schools about our imagination, this is why many won't use their imagination but this is only a first step not the whole of how to use the imagination.

Our imagination isn't there to conjure up something that doesn't exist and believe it just because it's in your thoughts. It isn't there to create a pretend game in our heads that we say is real even if it isn't. This is what many spiritual people practice because they think this is the way to use the imagination and good on them for trying but this will lead you to crazy as you will not be present or in the moment, because in truth your reality will not be a match to your imagination and others will see and feel that, thus call you up for your bullshite. This however is the first step to creating the reality you wish, but we cant go round jumping to believing it to be true when it hasn't appeared in real time.

Instead our imagination when used properly is the first step to creating the reality you desire. It can bring potential realities into our minds which does its job by holding this memory, not directing us how to get there, for that the mind needs to learn to let go as we have been taught to give way to much power to our minds. Once we learn to hold that thought via our minds and allow the feeling to wash over us via our imagination then we can then align our everyday actions and sync up our vibration to that existence, bringing that very reality you imagined into existence.

Many fear their imagination because once imagined, instead of holding this thought with your mind, you let your untrained mind control your imagination. But because you have no control over your mind you end up allowing the mind and its limited capabilities to direct you to having to do something or go somewhere as your mind thinks thats the only way to get there. But your mind knows only what your body has sensed or been through before and remember it didn't work the first time or you wouldn't still be striving for that imagined reality.

We are also taught not to use our intuition so we ignore the feel good signs, deciding those thoughts that feel good will never get you anywhere as your mind will only accept you to put things into action because it takes its commands from memory and the body. But the feel good is you syncing up with the reality you imagined and if your vibration is there, that reality will come towards you. There is no need to do or go anywhere unless that is part of the feel good.

Even if you are wanting to learn to channel messages which seems to many that you are just imagining something that isn't there, you still need for that channeled message to become a real knowing that you are indeed channeling. The one way I know I am channeling is to get my mind out of the way. I write all of my channelings down, many times I will start with a feeling I was given for the subject. Funny thing is as it flows through me I cannot let my mind lead as it has preconceived ideas so I've had to learn to still my mind to allow the message to come through me, often it changes into something I never thought of. And because it comes through me, I easily forget it once its spoken sometimes asking others what I just said, this is why I like to write it all down.

So to recap your imagination is the only limit you have to re-creating your existence, yes anything you imagine is possible, it is only your mind that gets in the way, but its time to take control of your mind again and put it in its rightful place of memory and protecting the body not creating your life.

Here are some lessons I was taught to control the mind.

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