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Making Contact with Home.

The first contact made will not be from other planetary beings but from our own planet Gaia herself. As this connection will open us up to way more abilities than any other could ever gift us. She isn't just our home, but our womb, our placenta and our Mother. For eons we have been in survival mode as another race has severed us from this connection so that we rely on them instead, they have been filtering our life force to give them power. Keeping us separate from each other with distrust and fear games so they can stop our connection from finding out that together we can shift them out of our reality. But within this greed of wanting more, they show their true colours, and their game of separating us is coming to an end. Once united, we find out more and more secrets hidden from us through the original people and those souls who came to Earth holding codes into higher frequencies held on Earth. This is when those new guides step up and gift whoever is willing to do the work within, opening their hearts again to being vulnerable, innocent and curious, to find more abundance and protection from Gaia than ever before. Our first step as humanity is to shift our focus from fear and devision back to unity, within our minds and with other people. The next is to open our hearts to trust our intuition and keeping an open mind as to what happens next. Learning to feel Gaia again comes with the acceptance and trust that she will nurture and protect you again. Every time you help another, you are showing her you want to unite, she feels that and she knows with that love, she allows you to come through with her. This doesn't mean you don't love yourself first, as you are worth the first point of love as all else is a reflection, but in helping each other, in letting down your protective mind so that you can feel your heart again will mean you can start to feel her as well and your guidance towards more than you could imagine with a logical mind only will be revealed.

Channeled 24th Nov 3.30am By Bobbie Richardson

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