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Moving Within The 5th Dimension via QEC Classes

Quantum Elite via zoom.

Part of an online class Im taking to help guide others into higher frequencies of themselves, to ignite gifts within and create a new world from their self acceptance.

19th March 2021

Moving Within The 5th Dimension

As one becomes more authentic, they will gather a sense of their gifts as their soul now have a say in what creates happiness within, rather than being told how to live by outside forces to fit into someone else’s perception of their reality.

These gifts will vary from person to person as we each have a piece of the puzzle in creating this amazing new world we are venturing into and that’s why this is an unknown territory. But there are those that are born with a finer Amnesia veil, those that have had a glimpse into these new frequency.

This Amnesia Veil is the veil of forgetfulness most have when entering a new life on Earth. Most people have a fall veil because they need to forget in order to learn, due to the soul not evolving much in previous lives, this is what I call a soul living within the maze, having gone through life after life after life with little or no change to their story which is being repeated with the same energetic lessons. But now we all have the opportunity to awaken and evolve again as a balanced human and this calling of the soul to find its way home has brought forward those born in this reality with a thinner veil, giving them opportunities to see into new frequencies, accepting communications from those on the other side of this forgotten part of themselves and even remembering past lives.

I for one was born with a fine Amnesia Veil. It's not that I didn't have to learn as others did, I certainly took a dive into forgetting from around age 7, just like most people, as this lowered my vibration enough to forget my soul connection, thus I could fit in with the so-called norm, and then find my way out to learn to help others.

This finer veil however gave me a connection to more realities not yet known by most, which eventually with enough unusual experiences gave me the chance to observe and understand more. This had a strong influence over my life as many beings found their way to communicating and visiting me until I found my way back to acknowledging these other frequencies as part of my reality instead of ignoring or fighting them. This is so I could learn to help others through these times now as a guide.

The reason why I'm bringing this all up now is that this exact veil is now lifting with these new frequencies coming to Earth. Many who choose to leave the maze of repetition are now going to start knowing more, having more communication with their higher selves and other beings, thus experiencing new gifts.

It’s very exciting but also daunting too.

Please don't feel like you are going mad, you are not, your bliss will lead you and this new opportunity to explore, will be ignited within you. You are way more powerful than you were led to believe. There is a lot of protection for those taking this amazing journey to awaken through this Amnesia Veil of disconnection, so trust the process and where you are lead. If you ever feel like you need help it’s just the matter of asking, and trusting that you will be given the next step. Be honest with yourself and come from your heart for all involved. Also, the veil won’t be totally aniglated as some mystery is still needed to experience life with Earth but it will lift enough to allow more wisdom. Also please remember you are always in control, if things feel too daunting, ask to take a break, to slow down, or to be shown another way that is easier for you to digest.

A bit about our connection to the land in the 5D

In the new high vibrational Earth, I've visited in my dreams, nobody owned any land as it was something we connected to and resonated with from the heart, it became a part of us through this connection and the land responded to give you all you needed to live in abundance in each moment.

The reason for this was because in clearing our minds and bringing our intuition back on board, a telepathic connection to all occurs, including all the plants, animals and Gaia herself as all of those that inhabit Earth are a part of her as you are. So, when one walks on the Earth with this high vibrational love for all, Gaia responds by wanting to nurture your footing, and she can easily do that by sensing not only your new found communication skills but also by your needs through your release of bodily fluids and solids.

She will always nurture grow the food and medicines necessary when you find this connection with her again. All that have this connection including animals and plant life thrive without the need for any outside help when left in the nurturing space of Mother Earth.

It is only when their soul is ready to leave or is in discomfort that she will pull her energy away allowing the journey of the animal’s soul to return to source energy and come back if desired as there is no death of the soul only transformation.

Within humanities disconnection we have felt the need to fence off lands and destroy parts of Earth to try and control it. But this is only because of our reflection of our over powering masculine logical side, ruled by wanting to compartmentalise and control everything which is the natural way of our logical side. This is because it is the job of our logic to hold onto memories and with this ability to compartmentalize the past, therefore creating a story of our life from birth to death, which is needed to live in this reality. But with the fall of our right femine intuitive hemisphere our logic had to take charge and therefore felt the only way to control things was to compartmentalize and control all of our reality, therefore the need to own and fence Earth is only a reflection of this out of balanced mind, coming from fear or lack of connection to source energy via our intuition. You can actually see this bleeds into most of our reality. Education, Religion, Leadership etc.

But once our link to our intuitive side clicks in, a trust will be felt because we will once again feel all as One again with, plants, animals, humanity and Gaia herself bringing back a natural trust in our outside reality to nurture us as we need.

Where is the 5th Dimension?

The 5th dimension can happen at any time as it is not a destination on Earth but rather an experience from within. So even when you are driving, shopping, talking to your mates, you can feel into and experience the 5th dimension. There are places on Earth that resonate and make it easier for us to find balance again, many knew these as sacred places but this feeling can be felt anywhere now that the energies on Earth have shifted to embrace our evolution path again, it is up to you to do the inner work though, I’m finding it seems to come in waves at the moment as we learn and adjust to trusting this new feeling to support us.

When felt, it feels like complete clarity in the moment, it is a feeling of being completely present, no monkey mind or mind chatter, no thinking of the past or the future. It is very calming and you will be even more aware of your reality. This feeling gives you this clarity with a no fear sensation automatically taking place as you sense your surroundings as part of you and not outside of you anymore, responding to you not separated from you. This acceptance of all gives you a feeling of protection as your soul now guides you instead of your left logical hemisphere, which only knew of a limited compartmental environment that could easily control you. But new this link to your intuition gives you a connection back to your soul which knows more as it has a higher perspective of your reality and what is needed for you to evolve as a human.

Once experienced this is a knowing of where you can go, and slowly becomes an experience one has more of, until it becomes so much more of your reality, and then you will be guided to the best opportunities without fear, giving you a higher perspective and more for filling life.

Here is where many gifts become apparent.

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