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New Messages Out Of The Blue - JUNE

Many times I get small messages given to me out of the blue. I will share them here as a blog but I will also talk about them in more depth on my Youtube Channel - Bobbie The Messenger on Thursday when I do my live channeling.

Knowledge is something we figure out from our outer world that helps us keep a certain story in our life going. Wisdom comes from your inner knowing, it is an absolute as it comes from your feelings and all that is if any importance is your feelings.

When the mind is not in balance when it enters another dimension all that it lacks will be reflected back in that reality. So our very lack of power is returned to us as the same power through enemies attacking us, this is the very same amount of power our mind attacks ourselves with on a daily basis as we denied that power to be within us when it is us.

We all want to make our loved ones happy because secretly we would love to be the ones that bring them into their happiness. Therefore if you bring yourself into your own happiness you are for filling your loved ones wishes.

The future is not set in stone as that is the adventure of the unknown coming toward you. However, how you feel about yourself and your world is a direct reflection of each other and you are always carving a path towards your future. Feel stressed about it and you will meet stress, feel you trust it will be ok or even better than ok and you will meet yourself as that frame of mind.

With Love from Bobbie and my soul team.

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