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Imagine Holding Hands Song #Save OUR Children#

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

# Save OUR Children (Set up to help all the children taken for the league pedophiles and sacrifice)

Our children come into this world with the purest innocent energy, they can only rely on us adults to take care of them, so vulnerable, so in need of our strength and love to stand up for them.

What a crazy time on Earth as the truth is being revealed with so many waking up to the devastation many children have had to endure in these times.

I dedicate this song to this cause, for all of these children.

I wrote this song as a channeled message for all children to unite us all and give us strength to move into something beautiful that we all create together.

This is a time to really stand up.

With Love from my album E-art-h Bobbie Richardson

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