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Searching For Home But Not All Will Make It

Home is that happy feeling we are all looking for, that feeling of peace within and in trusting our reality reflects that peacefulness.

It is time soon to trust the next steps, not all will be making it into the next frequencies because not all are able to put their faith in their souls and completely trust, but those that remember this connection will be able to follow the signs and synchronicities, the pulls that their hearts and minds working together towards a better reality will guide them towards, to take the chances towards something so different they will never want to return back to whence they came.

When we take this leap of faith we won't always know where we are going but we do know what we desire and we trust each moment has a reason, leading us towards such desires, whether that's clearing unwanted thoughts, tower moments, making a firm choice to be happy and see the good in each experience.

Living in the moment is within your trust that your moment will only lead you to more and more of the Uphoric feeling you already acquired from living in the moment, and as each step in your reality passes you by, there's an acceptance and trust that all happens for a reason so that you can experience all. Just to trust and accept ones life becomes a ride of Uphoria or as I say, returning home, which is what most are searching for. Bobbie Richardson

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