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Secrets in the Water

Channeled Message 1st September 2020.

There are many secrets held within nature that humanity has no idea about since we have been controlled by distraction away from the magic of the Earth.

But once we start to remember there is no turning back for the magic will only ignite your own connection to yourself and that my friends will delight every sense, every emotion, every part of your physical bodies.

The magic or information held in the ice is inline with Earth's own energy, her ability to connect with humanoids and what they truly represent to her, her sense of self and journey she is on. How humans can help heal from their own frequencies and connection to Earth. How to connect the humans known as the seers with Earth or Gaia to help clear up any unwanted energy patterns. These Seers will be called forth once the Governments have fallen. They will know it in their hearts what to do.

There is still so much more to learn and this is but a small start in the ocean of infinite information ready to be absorbed by humanity in their awakening to come back to their authentic selves once again.

via Bobbie Richardson.

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