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Smashing The Illusion

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Channeled Message 29th June 2022

Bobbie Richardson - Source Energy/God/Prime Creator

We will keep living the illusion of disempowerment until we find we are empowered, until we find we are as all things are, God, wanting to create the experience.

The illusion is created by our not knowing our power, our truth that we are one energy broken into many stories. Excited and dismayed to be living and experiencing.

The illusion is life itself folded onto an avatar that is programmed with the illusion of that avatar or body.

Hidden with each and every one of us is our uniqueness as we roll through the stories confining us to limitations so that we can experience different lives. It is within our unique journeys that we acquire more and more wisdom taking us back to the truth that we are creator of all experiences.

PS. I will be creating a video of this message - sharing with my Ruby Subscribers

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