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The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

I'm not religous but I was lead to this in the bible... The meek shall inherit the Earth...

I know those that were once thought of as to...

Emotional - are the empathic.

Off with the fairies - as the creative and imaginative.

Weak-minded - as the peaceful people.

Lala land - spiritual.

Soft - as compassionate.

Indigenous - Connected to Earth.

were all considered weak in the eyes of the masculine logical world. But this is all to change as new energies have arrived and the change over has begun. Humanity are finding the repressed feminine side of themselves has much more power than those dominating forces thought possible. We are the future as we step into supporting our own differences, acknowledging our abilities as gifts, then we can create all that doesn't serve our hearts out of our lives. This is the start of something brand new where logic and intuition can learn to work with each other and the evolution of man will become the creation of a whole new world.

Bobbie Richardson.

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