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Channeled 23rd April 2022 - Bobbie Richardson

The people have always had the power, you are the ones that will either accept or decline to go with the narrative that is being told to you by those who want to keep you from noticing your power.

The people have it within them to challenge the system, to say no more to fear-based programs, to step outside and breath in the moment that brings them to self-awareness and challenges the statis quo.

You have it within you to say you deserve better and will no longer be served mediocracy, a life of boredom, stress and disjointedness. Once you say this even to yourself you have taken the first step to stepping out of the program that no longer serves you and into a creating a new path that you are finally taking responsibility for.

There’s no need to worry about who’s with you on this journey for you are always supported by the universe in reflection to your own self support. It takes one to shift all, as that one enters life through their own observational point of existence, means that their observable reality is only confined to that said persons experience of their inner and outer world. So, if that one person takes a step into another frequency everything changes with them as the things that create a world of happy ever after has to be in existence with them as their creation is reflected by their inner knowing. Therefore, nobody gets left behind unless it wasn’t self-serving to begin with. Meaning if you’re outer reality shifts in reflection to your inner knowing that you deserve only the best, your whole world shifts with you and all else falls away.

There’s no way to experience a life of contentment and bliss if you are still emotionally tied to those who didn’t come with you, therefore they will shift with you or a tower moment will tear them from your reality and once you let go of any trauma, regret, guilt you will take the next step towards your desired home. This is the shadow work; this is the realization that those surrounding you don’t even need healing that their experience is conducive to their own inner dialog and acceptance of that reality.

But when you turn all that love you gave to another, instead of expecting it to be returned or you would be emotionally wounded, if you gave it back to yourself and heal all of your own wounds supporting you 100% in every moment then the universe will reflect only that back to you, as they will see your light and ask the same first statement you did, that you deserve better, they will go on their own journey meeting up with you on the othersider of lack.

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