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The Spiritual Reflection of the Virus.

22nd 02 2022

Whether you believe the virus is real or not dosen't matter, just it being present within the consciousness of humanity creates a story and infiltrates our pysche.

The virus is a reflection of an unknown external force entering our mainstream and awakening us from the inside out – those in fear of this mass awakening will try to control the story as was always done in the past, through programming and manipulation or vaccines. But those that have accepted the energies bombarding Earth which are only reflecting our inner desire to lift ourselves out of a story we no longer want to experience. Will wake up and put an end to humanity looking outside themselves for change, they will learn to trust the unknown quality of ourselves that was repressed for eons, that of our intuition and imagination, that of our soul’s connection as the observer of our reality ready to help guide us back to self-support and love again.

In 2011 I was shown in a dream tubes of black coming down to Earth, where ever they landed would disappear, I was on the radio telling everyone to stay centered, live in the moment, to still the mind and you wouldn't be effected. In understanding that dream now I realize the new energy would take out anything out of balance. That through this clearing of humanities vibration we would start again from a balanced mind, one where the intuition was just as supported as the logic, where action was just as supported as nurturing, where our soul was just as important as the adventure.

When I woke from this dream, I checked my FB account and the first post I clicked on was that of a remote viewing CIA document of someone remote viewing our future and seeing some energy coming to Earth that annialated parts of Earth and humanity like a finger poking holes in the Earth, they said it was like watching someone putting their finger in a pie.

This often happened with me when my guides wanted to get my attention so I wouldn't forget, they would confirm a dream with something simular in my waking reality.

I believe the more of us who awaken the more who step into the new vibrations leaving behind those who arent ready to step out of the unbalanced war within.

Channeled 22 02 2022

Bobbie Richardson

Invision Art ©

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Yanaka Hoffman
Yanaka Hoffman
Feb 22, 2022

Lovelight to you!


Feb 22, 2022

Eons or Ions? I only ask because the truth hertz and doesn't hurt. A bit of a puzzle eh? I like puzzles. Woo-Hoo!

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