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Image by Romanwere Kogomachenko from Pixabay

Training for the new earth or higher consciousness isn't anything to do with what you own or what education you have, it's not to do with how many people love you or where you live. As all outside in these new higher energies will fall into place as a mere reflection of the inner work you do on yourself.

It isn't an easy ride and isn't for the faint-hearted, as it is a humbling experience that keeps coming at you till you recognize all aspects of yourself as love. Honesty with self is a must and forgiveness when one realizes they have been shadowed from the truth that they did have an issue.

This training has everything to do with your inner dialog, your ability to learn and let things go that doesn't suit your desired outcome. How much support and love you have for yourself. How well you can use your imagination to carve a new path, hold focus on that path, and truly live in the moment as you ride that story.

Training begins when you have finally had enough of going in circles trying to change everything from an outside perspective only to find it all coming up again and again. Once you ask the question, how do I get myself out of this? Then you are asking to step out of the illusion that you are only a body and circumstances happen to you, that its not in your control to change anything, which is the illusion of sitting as a victim in a life that you are powerless in.

Image by Julia Filirovska from Pixabay

This is when the story starts to show up as hurdles for your mind to look deeply at and see where you gave your power away. It may show up as bigger problems than before so you don’t miss them but once you learn to overcome them you gain a wealth of information that you can clear quicker the next time, no longer holding onto and recreating the problem but seeing how fast you can let it all go so you have space within your mind to feel into your souls desires which only come from love. No longer fighting and fueling the crapy story but by tuning inwards and seeing why you allowed the story to happen in the first place, what power were you hiding from? What were you in fear of, that created a bigger problem in your head? Why did you choose that person to tell you your worth? And so on...

Asking these questions of yourself instead of pointing the finger toward others, will lead you to the answers your looking for.

Bobbie Richardson

Invision Art©

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