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Use lockdown to Advance Your Souls Mission.

New Message 16th Jan 2021

Beautiful divine souls that are aware, you would not be here unless something huge was about to take place, you would not be here unless you were needed in these moments to trust yourself again and teach others to do the same as within this trust means you are trusting the divine plan that is happening from a spiritual connection that humanity is now waking up to. No longer can they trust their leaders, but they are worried and scared of how to move on without them. You are showing them by trusting your inner guidance, by shifting your reality from within and taking the reigns once again to know that higher frequency are here to support and protect you with every in the moment step you take. This going within is reflected outwards as a lockdown as your reality now in instantaneous reflection of your inner self. Use this to play with this present moment energy, see as you focus on what you love more of that comes to you, this is then transformed into protection of the path you create through self love. Bobbie Richardson

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