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We Have No Idea Whats Coming.

Interesting when you start truly living from a balanced mind, which means you embrace and support your intuition just as much as your logic. You start to realize that many things we see as reality cant be explained by logic alone, so to make any sense we have been distorting our reality into some sort of rudimentary compartmentalization. For instance, when we tap into off-planet beings we feel there is one race per star, yet there are many planets revolving around those stars. And if you did believe in other dimensions on Earth that there would be only a few types of faye folk, yet there are so many different insects and plant life.

And what about God, to a logical mind God only resides outside of us, as the logical mind can only conceive of separation as that is what it is designed to do. But there is so much more to our reality when we connect back into our soul as the observer. My Dad use to say, life would be boring if we didn't have wars and fights... but I've found out that life is way, way more exciting and way more expansive if we let go of the limited judgments and protective layers, it is so exciting on the other side of the constrained limitations of logic. When humanity connects back into their soul this whole world is going to change not because of anything outside of us but because of the way we perceive life. It's going to be like we were all blind and can see again.

I've had the privilage to see a fraction of our ability, and this has changed my life for the better and helped me to see a clearer path for myself plus tap into the fun of so much more beyond logic only. I'm so excited to share what I've been through but even more excited to meet you there.

Art By Bobbie Richardson

Photo By Bobbie Richardson

Story - I was writing my children's novel Jonar & Kitty - The Time Keepers Void and decided to illustrate my new character 'Loopnit', (honestly I even thought the name was strange so I changed it but the name Loopnit kept coming back in my mind till I changed it back lol). So after writing a few chapters, which really wrote themselves, I was invited to a friends place.

When I got there it was dark and I saw the had a huge bomb-fire set-up. Lighting it, I felt like it was breathing, where talking of a fire as tall as a house. I took two pictures and felt something was trying to show up in it. Not thinking of anything I said "Show me", then snapped another photo and couldn't believe the same character I just drew the week before appeared in that photo.


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