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So we have by now all heard of the movie White Noise which was about a train crashing into a tanker truck full of toxic chemicals in Ohio which had to be evacuated. This year the story comes true, coincidence?

My take on the matter...

Programming infiltrates humanity's ability to create. With enough of us believing what we watch could be possible, then it has a greater focus to become a grounded reality.

Those who own most of the media labels literally hijack the most important part of you, your imagination, through movies and programs. You're even been taught that your imagination is useless, which is another school program designed by men belonging to the Cabal families who introduced the method into schools to keep you from using your imagination from having any real power so that you are stuck in a loop of creating the reality they designed for you through fear games, TV programs, News, Movies and now social media.

Once our imagination is focused on the said reality enough for our logical thought processes to agree that such a thing could easily happen, that's when we start to ground that reality, aligning our energies with the outcome

Also these days with the energies present to align us with our power to understand that we are the creators of our reality, we are more susceptible to ground that which the logic agrees with and those in charge know this, which is why many movies have a fear-based or doomsday reality underlining it.

It is very important to keep our focus on that which we want to create, letting go of anything that doesn't serve us.


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