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July 16

The actual physical action of praying is an action taught to openly bring in one's energy inwards. By openly bringing your hands together and touching the opposite hand we are also bringing together both sides of ourselves, logic and intuition, masculine and feminine, and because our hands are naturally brought in front of the heart we are aligning with our hearts, pointing up, means we are aligning our heart's with our souls to show us the way.

Closing our eyes helps if our intention is to change our outer reality because we are closing our physical eyes to the physical reality our soul isn't aligned to. Therefore it brings our attention towards our inner compass and third eye (pineal gland) where we can imagine the change we wish for.

Humanity has the ability to change our reality to what we wish for without physically praying by mastering the mind to shift our reality, but it can help when we are surrounded by so many obstacles outside of us trying to convince us that we have no power to change our reality.

Remember it’s your focus that is always confirming your reality.

NB from Bobbie

I personally have never prayed but I can now see from this channeling the advantage.

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