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Why does it seem like time is going faster and faster?

When we come from time as an illusion it isn’t actually time that moves, but you that move through your journey that creates time. Like standing still and watching walls moving beside you, creates the illusion of movement. You are then watching the world move through seasons and patterns that create the illusion of time and therefore give you a birth-to-death reality.

Therefore it isn’t time that’s speeding up, but your ability to clear negative thinking which only keeps you in the past, or projecting into the future.

This raises your consciousness closer to living in the moment where your story has caught up to your true alignment with your soul or prime creator again because even time can speed up so fast that it can also become one. This is where many come to the realization that time does not exist and that all past, present, and future are purely being played out in this moment, from your perspective, so it's only your perspective that changes.

It's that there are many moving into more and more alignment with living in the moment now because humanities consciousness has ended a huge cycle of learning all about their outer world and moving into creating a whole new reality through the lessons learned from before Atlantis till now, so this makes it feel like time is speeding up because we have others that agree with us, But in reality, you are all moving through reality with different perspectives of time, as its your clearing and coming into living in the moment that denotes that.

Channeled through Bobbie Richardson from The Cyainains 21st Jan 2023

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