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I was going through some old files and came across this message, I didn't even realize I channeled such amazing messages back then.

U’lana ‘wa Nunne’hi - Channeling 24th Jan 2012

There is of course a natural divine method of living – where the laws of heaven meet with the Earth and together they create such wonder and beauty.

Then there is the way of creating through a separation of such natural laws, which disregards the connection of all living creatures and only sees a reflection of comparing jealousy, and distrust.

This way can create many wondrous things but without the natural knowledge of creation it can only take life so far before destroying its natural home which would eventually have to be replaced with a home completely disconnected from the divine or find another home and live as a parasitic entity of that planets energy and thus any chance of finding ones way back home would greatly be diminished. To live this life the mind would have to fill itself with endless mind chatter to keep the half stories alive and not fall into an illogical manner of creating complete destruction of oneself, but in doing this still may fall to this fate anyway as it attacks itsa own reflection constantly.

On the other hand, the natural divine method of living frees one’s mind of all chatter as a total trust to experience happiness in the moment. The natural laws are to focus on what one wants to stay happy and therefore manifest more of this life.

We as humanity are the lucky ones to have choice in this process, we can walk either path without being judged. As either way presents a story that is fulfilling to the source of all creation and as in all games whether you are the black or white pieces matters not, only playing the game matters. For without the game, we simply do not exist in any form.

As we reset the game we must all choose a piece to play, or go back to the formless void of the source.


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Wow Bobbie! This one is pretty spot on, I've heard other similar stuff elsewhere but you have by far articulated the best out of anyone yet. :)

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